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My fun at the "other" house.

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  • My fun at the "other" house.

    I thought I'd share with you guys/girls the fun i had for the last week at our other house near the river here in AZ... (Kingman/Topock) We left early in the morning on Saturday a week ago, brought my girlfriend with me (NSFT so i wont be telling any details) and yea. It was to cold to bring out our boat/jet ski's but we did go off-roading. For the first few days i worked on my sand rail to get it running again since the last time i took it out i broke it on the last day... lol that was fun. Anyway yea, when i wasn't working on my sand rail me and my girl were out in my jeep (4WD Grand Cherokee) testing to see how the low range works and everything ITS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! That thing can go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, then i got the sand rail working, twas quite fun, we took it out for a few hours and did donuts and stuff in the sand and got lost on a few trails. I think we were lost for 3 hours until i found Route 66, and took that home, but man we were having a ball. There's no street lights here, so it gets dark at night, and yea, we stayed outside for a while :p Then sunday (Yesterday) i decided to take the sand rail out by myself again, big mistake... I stayed near the road just in case... And that just in case happened:

    Yea, I had to three wheel it home, the wheel sheared cleanly off the axel, and i dont know how to fix it just yet. While three wheelin it all i had to do was keep it at a constant speed and it pretty much gave me no problems, its when i had to slow for a turn did it start dragging into the pavement/sand... Anyway, i had a lot of fun and thought i'd share it with you guys, im tired of reading your posts all the time, thats all i ever do now, is read read read. Yea

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    Re: My fun at the "other" house.

    Heh, sounds like fun. Except the breaking your wheel part... And nothing is UFT ;)
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