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Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

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  • Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

    Click on link for Picture

    This is the last straw for me, I can't believe George Bush would use his own jets to cause a hurricane on his own soil. All of those people who I thought were crazy, are actully right. Damn.... I'm sure ain't voting for Bush in 2008.

    What are you're guys opinions on this? Obviously we have to do something, perhaps protest down in New Orleans, and give New Orleans Rep. William Jefferson money to help rebuild this once great city. I think he still has plenty of room left in his Freezer to store some more cash that we can come up with. Dig deep guys... I know I will.


    (EXCLUSIVE - Washington, D.C.) Photographic evidence leaked to ecoEnquirer shows what are claimed to be Texas Air National Guard jets flying in formation in and around the eyewall of Hurricane Katrina twenty-four hours before it devastated New Orleans.

    The photograph was e-mailed to us by a National Security Agency employee who provided the information on condition of anonymity. The employee's e-mail contained a claim that one of the nation's spy satellites was tasked to the Gulf region to help monitor and guide a squadron of Texas Air National Guard jets that were used to influence the movement and intensity of the hurricane.

    The employee said that, while NSA workers were not told the specific reason for the operation, code-named 'Windfall Profits', "we're pretty good at putting two and two together. The theory circulating here within the NSA is that the Bush Administration saw an opportunity to disrupt petroleum supplies by damaging oil rigs and coastal oil refineries. Such disruption would reduce supply, leading to a sharp increase in gas prices, and thus to increased profits by oil companies."

    EcoEnquirer showed the evidence to Shell Vice-President for Petroleum Production, Adam Smith, who disputed the claim, telling us "..give me a break! Hurricanes contain far more energy than we could ever influence, even with nuclear weapons, let alone with a few little jets! Besides, this photo looks like it has been doctored...and it doesn't even look like a very good job."

    (UPDATE): ecoEnquirer has now traced the e-mail containing the NSA employee's claim to a local D.C. environmental lobbying firm, Nature's Defense Fund. Upon being pressed about the validity of the evidence, an unnamed representative of the firm said they had received the photo anonymously in the mail, and not from the NSA. The representative nevertheless defended their motivation for adding the fictitious NSA details, stating, "The validity of any particular piece of evidence doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that the Bush Administration still needs to explain why their buddies in the oil industry should be allowed to receive such obscene levels of profits after Hurricane Katrina."

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    Re: Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

    ROFLMAO. Very funny. Thanks for sharing. :)
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      Re: Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

      Man I am just blown away by this...

      PUN intended...:madsmile:

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        Re: Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

        Nice find. I read through a dozen or so of the articles on that site, and they're all hilarious. :)


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          Re: Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?

          The Onion is better, but this is pretty funny.
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