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    Hello everyone. I am a Marching Band student (Woohoo) of Pennsbury Highschool, located in Fairless Hills Pa. In march 2008 we will be headed to Hong Kong for 10 days. The trip itself is expensive (I heard figures into the 3000's) It will be my Junior year, third year of marching band, I will be 17 and a half.

    You can find the history of the band here: (Can't post urls)
    Google pennsbury band, find marching band, and read about history or awards etc.

    I am participating in the Pennsbury Band “Walk Your Way to Monterey” or “Walk-A-Thon to Hong Kong”. All proceeds will help fund my student account for my proposed trip. You can sponsor me for an amount per mile and can estimate a maximum amount that you are willing to contribute. We will be walking for 4 hours (1pm – 5pm) February 17th.

    The tops is 10 miles, it is a quarter mile round track. I walk a minimum 4-5 mph, I am 6'3" and I never walk slow or talk to people(Fun)

    To reach our goal, the minimum is 10 sponser, I am calling family and relatives close to me tonight, and figured, what the heck, I am sticking to these forums untill I die, so I am asking you men and women, young and old, if you would like to sponser me towards this trip.

    You may be asking how to send money, well I need it quickly, this was a last resort type of deal. You can send it to me via paypal :

    [email protected]
    (Its old I know, but its such a hassle to change.)

    All I am asking is for 5 dollars, a dollar, anything to help the band, and me head on over to Hong Kong,China (I get my first passport O.O )

    You can also work your way over to the Buy / Sell / Trade forum, and see a few things of mine listed, althought not written, proceeds go to this.

    Thank you for your time, its a long read sorry! Good wishes and happy valentines day (Can I say that to a bunch of guys?)

    P.S. This message will be edited by Friday morning, the money from Paypal will either stay or be placed into my Bank account and I will be writting a check and possibly posting proof of the money getting to the Band boosters.

    I will be scanning a mile punchcard, which is kept track everytime I complete a loop, 4 loops is 1 mile.

    Thanks TG'ers!

    P.s.s Sorry if its in the wrong forum or doesn't belong period
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