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    Ok guys, this isnt about comic books or movies.

    I dont know how many of you have heard of the comedian Stephen Lynch, but he does a song called "Superhero", in which audience members shout out names for potential superheroes and he does a little improv dealing with the good ones that he hears. I'm going to see him on april 6th and would like to come up with a good superhero to shout out. Keep in mind that this is a very very mature comedy show (lots of swearing and sexual references), so if you think of one that is particularly vile, PM it to me! If I use anyones idea at the show, i'll be sure to let you know and tell you what the jokes were. :)

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    Re: Superhero Help!

    Hehehe, I've heard two versions of that song, and they were both wildly inappropriate as soon as the audience started participating.
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