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Vonage: "I need a medic!"

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  • Vonage: "I need a medic!"

    Vonage is in trouble.

    Feel free to skim over these three articles.

    Update on Vonage: Oxygen deprivation

    Vonage lawyer: Ruling a 'bullet to the head'

    Vonage Wins Temporary Reprieve in Verizon Case

    Hello community. Being a vonage customer for the last couple of months, I am curious if I should stay with the company.
    In the future, Vonage may no longer be able to take in new customers.
    Granted, their overhead will be reduced (marketing and advertisement), but their company will be static with little reason for people to invest capital.

    My question is, do you’ all think customers should stay with vonage?
    Would my montly fees go up if they no longer can take in more customers, or should it stay the same?

    My business really has not gotten started yet (heavy marketing/advertisement) so getting a new system would not be too taxing for me (cox communications comes to mind).

    But, Verizon could come after cox next, right?
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    Re: Vonage: "I need a medic!"

    Since the fallout from the court case hasn't been fully resolved, it hard to say at this point. The thing about the court system is that it moves like molasses going uphill doing a snowstorm. So no one knows how long it will take for everything to come to a conclusion. As a Vonage customer, I haven't heard anything from the company about a change in their operations. However it's always good to have a Plan B just in case. GrandCentral would be my next telecom provider of choice.
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