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My gift to you TG peoples

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  • My gift to you TG peoples

    If you work for any major retail or electronics related sales chain, chances are I'm about to do you a HUGE favor.

    Free software, various kinds, some hardware, you pay shipping upon completing some trainings and recieve legal copies of microsoft schtuff straight from them. I've spent about 30 bucks here to get a copy of XP pro and the recent office suite.
    Get an AMD proc and mobo on the cheap, usually one step back from cutting edge. They also throw in a T shirt.
    Once a year you get a high end proc, mobo, and a copy of XP pro for about 200 bucks... they may be making that vista now. Also montly prizes.
    Retail cost is usually around 900 bucks for the proc they give, mobo, and OS.

    Various giveaways and discounts for those in retail.

    Using these links I've built 3 systems for less than half the cost of retail.

    When you sign up you need to provide various proof that you work for one of the approved companies, this usually involves a fax and some sign offs by management.

    Better known as:
    That noob who crashed the chopper.
    That noob who ran over the mine.
    That noob who TK'd me with a sniper rifle.
    That noob who hit that APC at 300m with light AT! Our APC...

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    Re: My gift to you TG peoples

    sweet deals dude. now get strongbad to stop air-humping on my screen.




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