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McCain on popular Music.

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  • McCain on popular Music.

    dont know if you have seen this yet, i would have expected a post in here alreadybut i found this on the internet which i thought was well both interesting and scary to say the least.

    Republican US presidential contender John McCain turned to popular music to illuminate the debate on the Middle East, singing at the suggestion that the United States "bomb, bomb, bomb" Iran.

    "That old Beach Boys song, 'Bomb Iran?... an adapted snippet of the rock 'n' roll band's refrain "Ba-ba-ba, Ba-Barbara Ann
    and there is the video on youtube to go with it... there are a few more but this was short and to the point

    i guess my question and the reason for opening this thread is going to be, is Mr McCain that far off, i know when Iran took British troops and i was canvassing i was repeatedly asked when iran was gonna get bombed and people meant it, not just a lets bomb the buggers snigger type remark...

    Personally i dont think Bombing Iran would solve much, i dont even think with the current millitary commitments that we (both US and UK) has that it is even possible...


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    Re: McCain on popular Music.

    On McCain:
    He's rapidly leaking gravitas. Serious candidates don't often make funny ha-has about that sort of thing, especially given the current public attitudes toward the current war. Then again, this isn't the nationals yet - he's still playing to fringe audiences.

    On Iran:
    Bombing Iran at this stage would probably be the least responsible thing to do, unless we are prepared to commit hundreds of thousands of new troops (draftees, likely) and trillions of dollars to a generational conflict with an entrenched industrialized enemy. Since we're already struggling to maintain the status quo in one urban guerrilla war NOW, that doesn't sound like something the US public is ready for.
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      Re: McCain on popular Music.

      Beyond his bad attempt at a joke and a song is his continuing support for the President and his Iraq policies.

      It was truly a bizarre scene when he recently visited a Baghdad maket backed up by hundreds of soliders and declared it was safe to walk around.

      What's happened to the straight talk express?
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        Re: McCain on popular Music.

        Man, I remember that version of the Beach Boys song from when I was a kid. I think it was popular to sing around 1979-1980 for some reason...
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          Re: McCain on popular Music.

          Originally posted by Reason Magazine
          Besides the damage done by his sudden turn to social conservatism, McCain’s stubborn and distinctly glum support of Bush’s widely despised troop surge in Iraq has brought into sharp focus the candidate’s concepts of when and how Washington should use the strongest military ever assembled, and whether the president should recognize any constraints from the co-equal branches of government. On these questions, the most militaristic presidential candidate since Ulysses S. Grant has provided a clear answer: If you think George W. Bush had an itchy trigger finger, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
          Hey, at least he was being funny in the video.
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