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Minority admissions down ?

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  • Minority admissions down ?

    CNN Article

    Hmmm...interesting read....

    Originally posted by UC/Berkeley Student
    This is supposed to be a public university, and it's not really representing the public
    Since when does a universities enrollment represent the general public ? , or better yet, why would it have to ?

    A possible reason for lower numbers:
    Gary Orfield, co-director of The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, said possible explanations include higher tuitions across the nation as well as publicity over a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down Michigan's system for giving admission preference based on race.
    Why should we give preference to race?? Asking for your race on admission applications should be illegal. Let the students in, depending on grades/attendance/etc. Race should have absolutely nothing to do with whether you get accepted of not.

    Berkeley recruiting efforts were further hurt, campus officials say, by new restrictions on their practice of flying students from predominantly minority high schools to campus for pre-application visits.
    With uni tuition being as high as it is, why in the world would they spend money flying kids in ?? This sounds sorta ridiculous on the schools part...

    The fall enrollment figures came about six months after John Moores, chairman of UC's governing Board of Regents, issued a report saying Berkeley turned away thousands of students who aced the SAT but accepted hundreds -- many of whom were black or Hispanic -- with low scores.
    This is completely absurd...I don't care if you're green, why let them in if they don't have the scores?? If they have the desire to go onto higher education, then they can work to get the scores, not get in because their daddy is black/hispanic/etc. :icon23:

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    Re: Minority admissions down ?

    I am not too familiar with your education system but I have to agree with you. Universities should not reflect the public, it is not about the public but who wishes and who can enroll into university.

    The fact that they choose to accept people with low scores just because they are playing the race card is being politically correct yet unfair toward those who have worked hard for their admission.

    To be completely biased, they should number the students and only go by their SAT scores.




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