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What are these emails?

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  • What are these emails?

    Most likly just spam.. but anyone know what these wierd emails mean? o.O

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    Re: What are these emails?

    Hahahahaha! I get those, too! They're so funny. Its randomly generated nonsense (that totally beats modern emo poetry btw) used to bypass spam filters. Its all spam, don't do it. They don't bypass some spam filters, now.


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      Re: What are these emails?

      That was actually a better read than some of the posts on this forum......
      New to TG?


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        Re: What are these emails?

        I think USN just burned us all


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          Re: What are these emails?

          I figured so. It was all in my bulk mail :P

          just making sure :)


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            Re: What are these emails?

            You know .. Sniper.. you wouldn't get all that stuff if you wouldn't subscribe to the website.
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              Re: What are these emails?

              o.O OIT WASNT ME, I SWEAR!!! :icon_razz




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