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  • Personal Growth at TG

    Just kidding; there's no philosophy in this thread.

    From the date I joined to my 100th post, I made an average of 1.16 posts per day. From that date until now, my 1000th post, I have made an average of 4.62 posts per day. So in increasing my post count tenfold, I have increased the rate at which I spew out ignorance by a factor of four. The result: exponential growth.

    Well, I guess I can put a little bit of philosophy in here to avoid a -rep spree. TG must have done something right; I've never dedicated a thousand of anything to anything else, excepting dollars to my computer-driven lifestyle.

    I dedicated my last useless post about my useless posts to someone who lived exactly one hundred years. I heard a dude from forever ago called Methuselah lived for nearly a thousand years, missing it by only thirty-one years. So, this post is dedicated to his thirty-one-year-old corpse.

    I just completely wasted [number of minutes it took you to read this] minutes of your life, and called unnecessary attention to myself.
    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. ~
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    Re: Personal Growth at TG

    -rep? Dude... no. Adding a significant figure to the post counter is a significant event; and this is the sandbox. Kicking down castles is rude and leads to loss of juicebox at nap time.

    Grand total throughout the internet, I must have accumulated 12~15 kiloposts. That's a lot of enlightenment! If it weren't for the internet, there would be hundreds of people who's lives would be dull and meaningless for lack of my influence, and they wouldn't even know it.

    So, wildly extrapolating I see your 10,000 comes on 4 Oct 2008. Better not disappoint us by not dressing up as your five-digit post count for Halloween next year. We'll use the flail.


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      Re: Personal Growth at TG

      Heh, I've had thousands of lost posts that foretode of budding organizations and spelled the doom of others in letters and numbers. Though, I do not see them as a waste. Have faith if the Great Divine Ednos. For life is too short to make a completely pointless post about your wasteful and bashful past.

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