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Look whats going in my backyard?!

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  • Look whats going in my backyard?!

    I hate to just throw links up here - but better that I guess than copying a whole bunch of text.

    Anyway - it's about the new homeland security training campus they are building about 30 mins away.

    I guess there will be more black helicopters in the area now.

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    Re: Look whats going in my backyard?!

    Very interesting. I can't help but see this as a concrete example of what I've been talking about (to myself, apparently) in the Open Source War thread.

    An excerpt from an essay linked in that thread:
    Originally posted by John Robb
    But the metaphorical targets of September 11 are largely behind us. The strikes of the future will be strategic, pinpointing the systems we rely on, and they will leave entire sections of the country without energy and communications for protracted periods. But the frustration and economic pain that result will have a curious side effect: They will spur development of an entirely new, decentralized security system, one that devolves power and responsibility to a mix of private companies, individuals, and local governments. This structure is already visible in the legions of private contractors in Iraq, as well as in New York's amazingly effective counterterrorist intelligence unit. But as we look out to 2016, the long-term implications are clearer.

    Security will become a function of where you live and whom you work for, much as health care is allocated already. Wealthy individuals and multinational corporations will be the first to bail out of our collective system, opting instead to hire private military companies, such as Blackwater and Triple Canopy, to protect their homes and facilities and establish a protective perimeter around daily life. Parallel transportation networks--evolving out of the time-share aircraft companies such as Warren Buffett's NetJets--will cater to this group, leapfrogging its members from one secure, well-appointed lily pad to the next.

    Members of the middle class will follow, taking matters into their own hands by forming suburban collectives to share the costs of security--as they do now with education--and shore up delivery of critical services. These "armored suburbs" will deploy and maintain backup generators and communications links; they will be patrolled by civilian police auxiliaries that have received corporate training and boast their own state-of-the-art emergency-response systems. As for those without the means to build their own defense, they will have to make do with the remains of the national system. They will gravitate to America's cities, where they will be subject to ubiquitous surveillance and marginal or nonexistent services. For the poor, there will be no other refuge.


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      Re: Look whats going in my backyard?!

      I didn't see that thread - but I agree.

      Private services in protection and life safety will certainly be seeing a boost in their growth. Private security, medical services, public works could simply become 'private-works' as roads and infrastructure continues to privatize on increasingly tighter areas.




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