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    Samurai Jack movie will be first flick for Fderator Films, a new 2-D animated feature film studio. Genndy Tartatovsky (Power of the Dark Crystal) will write and direct.

    Samurai Jack fans rejoice: your favourite sword-slinger is headed to the big screen.

    Genndy Tartatovsky's animated creation, which ran on the Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2004, is getting the feature film treatment courtesy of new animated studio Federator Films. Tartatovsky, who is also directing the Henson Company's upcoming Power of the Dark Crystal, will write and direct the off-beat story of a samurai who is trying to defeat Aku, an ancient demon who flung him into a far future. Phil LaMarr will return as the voice of the titular character.

    Federator Films was recently founded by three entertainment veterans: Fred Seibert was the former president of Hanna-Barbera and a long-time producer for Federator Studios. With Federator Studios, Seibert created Oh Yeah! Cartoons for the Cartoon Network, which soon spun off into Cow & Chicken, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory. FS also produced The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone and My Life as a Teenage Robot for Nickelodeon.

    Second partner Kevin Kolde managed Spumco, John (Ren and Stimpy) Kricfalusi's company, for more than a decade, while third man Eric Gardner ran Panacea Entertainment, a talent and production agency that represented artists such as Donny Osmond, Richard Belzer, Paul Shaffer, the Sex Pistols, Elvira and several members of the Rolling Stones.

    The new film company will produce traditional cel-animated films with an average budget of below $20 million.

    "Fred (Seibert) is the master at identifying voids in the marketplace and filling them with paradigm-shifting content," said Gardner in the official announcement. "There has been a dearth of both 2-D and genre animated feature product, which Frederator Films will be rectifying." He said these movies will be aimed at males aged 18 - 34.

    Other projects in Federator Film's schedule include The Neverhood, a claymation flick based on the DreamWorks video game of the same name. Game creator Doug TenNapel (Creature Tech, Earthboy Jacobus, Earthworm Jim) will write and direct the flick. FF will also produce The Seven Deadly Sins, a hip-hop-flavoured toon featuring the voice of boxing impresario Don King.

    There's no word on when a Samurai Jack movie will hit theatres.

    Fun Fact 1: George Lucas was such a fan of the show that he brought in Genndy Tartatovsky when he developed his first cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The animated television series used many elements that Tartatovsky had pioneered in Samurai Jack.

    Fun Fact 2: One major problem with bringing Samurai Jack to the big screen is the fact that the voice of Aku, Mako Iwamatsu, died July 21st, 2006.

    Awe Hell YES!!!
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    Re: Samurai Jack Movie

    Is this still going to happen?? I HOPE SO! :row__523:

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      Re: Samurai Jack Movie

      I hope this goes through.

      I have been meaning to ask but is anyone else annoyed at the death of American animation?

      I have been watching Justice League, Batman TAS, and Superman TAS and it's a shame that we don't have shows like this anymore.
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        Re: Samurai Jack Movie

        This article also notes at the end that George Lucas was such a fan of Samurai Jack that he brought in Genndy Tartatovsky for work on the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series which has alot of the same styling as Samurai Jack. So to hold you over you can pick that up if you haven't seen it. I have seen it and it is very good.
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          Re: Samurai Jack Movie

          American animation is dying simply because there isn't a market for it. Most of the time you mention 'animation' and the first word that pops up in response is 'cartoon' with a close second being 'movie'. Now you mix something like 'Samurai Jack' with 'Ren and Stimpy' or 'Dora the Explorer' in the same supercatagory and you will lose the complexity of the genre as well as a large viewing base of people who will assume the first will be similar the the later two.

          Compare this market to that of the Japanese animation industry. 'Anime' has material spanning from children to adult and an educated primary viewing base who know that they will find a show that will suit their tastes much like other people go through different reality shows.

          If anything it seems like the US is sticking to comedies (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) and children shows while stepping out of the dramatic animation genre completely. Anything you generally see in that area is imported from either Europe or Asia.

          Furthermore copyrights are a PITA. Justice League and the later seasons called Justice League Unlimited were canceled due to creative copyrights with several of the characters. Can't make a good 'comic cartoon' when the comic artists are up in arms over what you do with the characters and its hard to 'stay cannon' when you can cover months of comic material in a few episodes and start running out of material to animate.
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            Re: Samurai Jack Movie


            Sweet, hope this comes through. One of my favorite cartoons.
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