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    Having just seen a spectacular video in a separate thread in this forum that was linked due to its relevance to certain modern economic events, it occurred to me that we ought to have a thread in which we would all attempt to bring together the most informative videos on all major topics in the world today that we could find scattered across the Internet.

    My hope for this thread is that it will allow individuals who come to the sandbox to debate threads on various political, social, or economic topics to have the videos posted within as a resource for their arguments, their own self-knowledge, and as a tool through which to steer debate clear from ad hominem argument.

    I do not feel that this thread should be consumed by the discussion of the videos in question, but should only serve as a repository for the works that we can find and share for one another's intellectual betterment.

    Try to be as thoughtful as possible with your choices; when push comes to shove please try to make fewer selections that you feel are more informative rather than several selections that may not have as much intellectual merit. This request is, of course, left to your discretion.

    I will start us off with this excellent video courtesy of xTybaltx:

    An hour with Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. Friedman discusses his life, his contributions to economics, the Republican Party and his view on the direction of the United States and the world in coming years (Charlie Rose)

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