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Top Romney Fundraiser Indicted

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  • Top Romney Fundraiser Indicted

    In case you missed it, since it hasn't gotten a lot of press, Alan Fabian, one of several national fundraising co-chairs for Mitt Romney, was indicted for fraud amounting to over $32 million dollars.
    Originally posted by NY Times
    He became a “bundler,” one of those who commit to bringing in large sums through their own networks of donors, for Mr. Romney’s campaign back in January, having previously served as a major fundraiser for
    George W. Bush.

    Mr. Fabian contributed the maximum of $2,300 to Mr. Romney’s candidacy. The campaign will be returning his contribution, said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney campaign spokesman.

    “We have accepted Mr. Fabian’s resignation from his unpaid, volunteer position on the national finance committee,” he said in a statement.
    No word on whether or not Romney intends to return any of the funds gathered through Mr. Fabian's efforts.
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    Re: Top Romney Fundraiser Indicted

    Does ANYONE have only honest people on their side?
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    Tempus: Pokerface is nailing it right on the head. Everyone who is arguing against him is simply arguing against reality.
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      Re: Top Romney Fundraiser Indicted

      You mean there are corrupt people in politics?!?!??!



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        Re: Top Romney Fundraiser Indicted

        Originally posted by Pokerface View Post
        Does ANYONE have only honest people on their side?
        I'm guessing the libertarians are clean, but it is just a guess. The two main parties are corrupt as you can get.

        Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is right to do.




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