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  • *Please Read* College Research Project

    Peoples Views on the Current Legal Tactics Being Used by the MPAA and the RIAA

    I am currently working on a research project for one of my college courses, Introduction to Sociological Research, and am in need of your help. My partner and I are researching peoples views on the current legal tactics being used by the MPAA and the RIAA. Part of the assignment was to do "observations", but due to the nature of my research project that was difficult. So I decided the best course of action would be to start a discussion on the forums here at Tactical Gamer, and "observe" the discussion. I figure that many of you have been paying attention to the lawsuits that have been going on, and therefore would be fairly knowledgeable in this area. I'd like to just leave it at that and let you all get started with the discussion, if it seems to be dieing down or going slowly I will pop in with some links to articles about the lawsuits and such for you to read up on.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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    Re: *Please Read* College Research Project

    Well, I for one do not like the tactics used by the **AA. They're doing more harm to their artists than good.
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      Re: *Please Read* College Research Project
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        Re: *Please Read* College Research Project

        The whole thing is way out of hand. In essence they are cutting off a huge promotional tool while spreading bad blood with the fans. The day will come when they will not be able to hold back the flood and they will continue to spread bad blood and waste millions of $$$ fighting.

        When Napster first came out, sales went up because more people would sample music and then go purchase the album. I know I did. Once the crap started to really hit the fan and all these court cases came about, I just lost interest all together and have gotten very few CD's.

        The odd part is that they did not stop at just downloading, but they are going after legit people as well. The latest thing is DJ's and music boxes. DJ's are being dragged into court for playing music that they purchased in public. Bars that play tunes are also being asked to pay a large sum for the right to play those tunes in public.

        In the end I believe they are just digging their own grave which will be the downfall of the current industry as we know it. As times change, the industry must change as well and adopt new ways of doing business.
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          Re: *Please Read* College Research Project

          They're panicked, everyone sees that. With trent reznor out of his contractual duties and radiohead releasing their album directly, things are definitely moving in a positive direction, but people are neglecting to push the VISUAL spectrum of entertainment into an "open" way of thinking about intellectual rights and licensing.


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            Re: *Please Read* College Research Project

            I don't agree with the scare tactics they use on the parents/guardians of those who "illegally" download the content. The MPAA and RIAA act as if it is such a big deal like the end of the known world or something when it isn't. Most of the people they go after tend to be middle class to poor. In addition, it is for absurd amounts of money and their legal arguments are very weak. They have no strong backing and therefore resort to threats like: "If you don't agree to our terms/pay us, you'll lose your home, you're children will be living on the street and starving to death."

            Here's some of what I've read on the issue:

            There's a lot more than those above, of course. You'll just have to do some searching and reading in between the lines.

            I waiting for a very large national class action (common retaliation) to hit the nation's media. Then I'll laugh my butt off at every one of those bloody **AA 'tards! :madsmile:
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