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Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

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  • Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

    Another case of NIMBY, but this one is interesting. When someone tries to build a wind farm in an area ideal for it, it's opposed by Ted Kennedy. While they claim that it may mess with migratory birds, it can be seen on a clear day. And why would Ted want that eyesore out in his bay.

    I guess it's back to Coal plants! But with the C02 fears, we can't even build one in Kansas with an appropriate CO2 sink (Algae farm) due to effective fearmongering.

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    Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

    The kennedy estate in hyannis looks over nantucket sound and would see this... fat chance this'll happen.


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      Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

      I always thought windfarms looked pretty cool.
      Killing birds is just a fringe benefit.


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        Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

        I have always been a supporter of Ted Kennedy's but this wind farm would be a great asset to us here in Mass and I for one am very disappointed in our senators decision to oppose it.


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          Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

          The wind generators always reminded me of big sailing ships. But I am an okie so what do I know. We have a bunch up by my hometown in NW Oklahoma. I like the look.

          Kennedy is a rich politician looking out for him and his own. How is that different than just about every other politician out there?

          As far as the coal plant goes. The Algae farm was experimental. Sad the experiment couldn't go forward. I read or heard a famous scientist talk about an idea to trap a bunch of CO2 by pumping water from the depths of the ocean. The algae down there would suck up literally tons of CO2.

          If we could find a good sink for the CO2 (among other dirty things) there is plenty of coal to supply our power needs for hundreds of years.

          But ultimately I think the denial of that Kansas plant is good. I hope to see more of this. Force people to think different. Stop taking the easy way out.
          Im not racists, I have republican friends. Radio show host.
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            Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

            Nantucket Sound and the surrounding communities are the jewel of the land of NIMBY. The entire eastern edge of the state is practically a gated community.
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              Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

              Well, we can't have coal because it gives off CO2.
              We can't have Nuclear power because it gives off Nuclear waste.
              We can't have Wind Power because it's an eyesore and because it could mess with birds.
              We can't have dams as it alters water temperature and cyclical waterflows.
              We can't have natural gas as it gives off pollution.
              We can't burn wood because of the loss of Owl habitat and associated byproducts.
              We can't drill for oil because of concerns that it may run out, and oh yea, eyesore.
              We can't build refineries because no one wants to live downwind.

              So what's the impact? Decreasing supply of energy in a market that is increasing demand only raises prices. This impacts the poor the most as small adjustments in their costs tend to eat up a larger percentage of their paycheck.

              Frankly, I think the Algae farm is merely a feel good concession and close to worthless altogether. If having cheap energy is a bad thing for Kansas, then I encourage them to go back to Buffalo chips to light their homes.

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                Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

                most polls of people in south eastern mass indicate that a majority are against the wind farm.

                Those on the cape are most worried about tourist money and personal eyesore...

                There are also some wildlife issues with whales and birds.

                Some in the fishing industry worry about it, but it is more of an issue of getting to and from fishing grounds rather than the windfarm being ON fishing grounds.

                Most of the studies I have seen have shown minimal economic benefit to it. the argument you hear is that the money saved will be lost elsewhere.

                the environmental impact is largely ignored except by a fringe element it seems.

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                  Re: Ted Kennedy turns down Renewable Energy

                  Teddy has a point. God threw a meteor at the dinosaurs about 100 years ago and they turned into birds. Who knows what birds will turn into if we throw windmills at them. FEAR FEAR FEAR.




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