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    Signs Programming May Be Ruining Your Love Life

    11. If you’ve ever missed a date to add finishing touches to an input function… and then e-mailed the finished code to her the next day, assuming that she will see reason.
    10. If you spend your time at the bar breaking cute girls into polygons in your head instead of undressing them with your eyes.
    9. If you respond to the profile of all the girls dating sites who claim that they’ve done modeling work with polite inquiries as to which 3D packages they’ve used.
    8. If all of the gifts you give a girl in the first week of dating are virtual.
    7. If you forget the phone number of the girl you’re dating, but remember the numbers of every pizza parlor in delivery distance.
    6. If you count the number of dates you’ve had from zero.
    5. If, when a date goes bad, you find yourself thinking, “I didn’t script that.”
    4. If you ask your new girlfriend questions about the compilers her ex-boyfriend wrote and begin to feel vaguely inadequate when she dodges the questions.
    3. If you’ve had more computers than girlfriends.
    2. If the best way you can imagine a date ending is with a girl waking up next to you with the impression of a keyboard imprinted into her cheek.
    1. If the best compliment you can think of for a girl you meet on a beach is to ask permission to snap a picture of her skin to use as a texture map later.
    Now he just needs to write one of these for gamers. Meanwhile, I'll be fantasizing about the keyboard-imprinted cheek. :p
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: The geek's love life

    11. Never had a date.
    10. Never been to a bar.
    9. Who has time for dating sites when you could be reading Slashdot?
    8. See 11.
    7. Programmers never have trouble remembering any seven-digit number. However, more than eight, or any letters after F are trouble...
    6. Question should be if you go back to zero after eating 65536 dates.
    5. Usually the thought is "I must've omitted a ; somewhere."
    4. Only vaguely?
    3. ...and if you've named them all by girl's names. Bonus points if they're anime girls.
    2. ...and it's an IBM Model M keyboard. And you've memorised its serial number. (Seven digit rule)
    1. ...and the best response is for her to offer to let you illuminate her form four angles so you can create matching normal maps.




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