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Putin and Bush: birds of a feather

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  • Putin and Bush: birds of a feather

    Putin's election has been called unfair, dirty, crooked and illegal, yet independent polls show most Russians support him. Personally, I see Putin as a very savvy politician who has improved life in Russia in many ways, at the expense of certain liberties. This is the name of the game now that ideology and energy resource allocation have combined to become the deciding factor in global politics.

    A. Comparisons to 2000 US elections and between the two current administrations of Russia and the US show a lot of similarities--media manipulation, suspected polling irregularities, ties to CIA/KGB, use of state & federal personnel and resources for questionable or biased election procedures, etc.

    B. Why would the OSCE, the most respected election monitoring organization in the EU, cancel their plans to cover the Russian election? This is not a rhetorical question, I'd like to hear ideas.

    C. Oh, sweet Irony, you never let us down:

    "The Bush administration called on Russia to investigate claims the vote was manipulated.
    'In the run-up to election day, we expressed our concern regarding the use of state administrative resources in support of United Russia, the bias of the state-owned or -influenced media in favor of United Russia, intimidation of political opposition, and the lack of equal opportunity encountered by opposition candidates and parties,' said Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the National Security Council.
    " --Vladimir Isachenkov,AP

    Granted, Putin's methodology is more blatant, heavy-handed and ruthless (at least from what we know or think we know), but the more I look, the more similarities I see. This is not to say that there are no differences between the two, but the similarities are not often highlighted. Those similarities say a lot about what must be done in order to become a global leader, and to remain one.
    Here's my take-home idea to think about, haven't decided if I fully agree with it myself:
    Energy resource allocation/use and political/religious ideologies are combining to form two or three basic worldviews which are dividing the global political landscape into a very different future alliance of powers. I can't really see a clear US-Russia relationship within that framework; seems like we share many things and disagree on many things. In the end I guess it's really about whether we need each other or not.

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    Re: Putin and Bush: birds of a feather

    Hi Axis,

    It is sad, but I think today there is no such thing like Ideologies.

    Energy resources, lust for power and money is the current "Ideology".

    These was true for the past, but my generation did have some... dreams back then. Today, these dreams disolved like soap bubbles...

    That's the reason we see more and more of these kind of "Despotic Leaders" (Bush, Putin, Berlouskoni, Tsavez, Ahmadinejad, etc.) around the world.

    The odd thing is that people seem they like to be lead by a "despotic" figure who is willing to play a "power" game in the world arena, and seems that people also accept the loss of their freedoms, privacy and human rights.

    And yes, I see many similarities between USA admin and USSR admin as you indicated, but not only to the elections issue. FEAR is the tool that both use. And as social sciences dictate, fear is a very effective CONTROL method.

    Ha... the EU...
    They just want to have a good relationship with big bear I think... EU have the sense that the three last USA aministrations tried to "divide and conquer" Europe (see Balkans war), so they need a power friend to "balance" the forces.

    I also see some "despotic" similarities with EU administration. The moment I saw that EU passed some laws to actually ban free opinion expression, ban books with controversial content, penalize the denial of historic events and that all citizens are possible terrorist suspects, I realized that this is the beggining of the end of our freedoms. Now if you are accused for something, you have to prove that you are not guilty. This is a complete reversal of the foundation rule of Justice (you are innocent until proved by court). Maybe we are so afraid today, that we will deny our democratic rights and start to like a turn to some kind of monarchy or autocracy.

    And yes, I also see a different future alliance of powers, as you indicated. EU is going to play a major role in this mix. China will become sooner or later a key player also. And don't forget Pakistan (has real Nukes). Current USA administration has strategic plans there.

    And we do need each other, if we are going to live in this planet for some time. But nobody cares.
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