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  • A question for you LEO's

    Last night my car was stolen from in front of my house. My sister had a friend of a friend over and we believe he took my keys off of a table and took my car. He was the only person that had the oppurtunity to do as nobody else left the house. We went and filed a police report early this morning and gave the officer the guys name and the address of where he usually stays.

    While I was at work today my mother called the detective assigned my case. He told her that our best chance of getting the car back was to go talk to the kid ourselves. My mom followed his advice and she said the kid was suprised by the accusation.

    My question to you is, shouldn't the police went and talked to him? This kid and his family members are all involve in drugs and gangs and now I'm worried that because the detective sent my mom over there instead of going himself she or her property may be in danger.

    Am I right to be pissed at the detective here or is this SOP for this kind of case. It seems to me that it would make sense for the police to talk to the only person that could have done it. I know they can't build a case on that alone, but to me it looks as if that because nobody saw him take it the case isn't worth looking into.

    Another question for you legal types is would I have any chance at a civil suit against him? I know it's a lot easier to prove a civil case than a criminal one but would that be enough?

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    Re: A question for you LEO's

    If what you say is the full story... then it sounds like the detective is being lazy... if the car was never given to the kid to drive somewhere (if so thats not theft, it's then a civil matter), then that is theft...

    1. A police report is done, with the information submitted to detectives on a intelligence report.

    2. The detective gets the case in about 3 to 5 days, he would then immediately call the victims, clarify some info, then go talk to the kid and others, witnesses, friends, etc ect...

    3. Then if the car was found, charges would be filed against the person, kid, who took it unlawfully, or charges dropped if the victims choose not to file, or not enough evidence to convict.

    4. If the car wasn't found, he should still investigate and talk with everyone involved, but to be honest if no leads or info within the first week or so of the investigation, it would be entered in a data base, then filed as unfounded, to much other stuff to investigate besides one car.

    all this information is based on my training and experience in that matter, and the basic information you have given.
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      Re: A question for you LEO's

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        Re: A question for you LEO's

        You didn't leave a Creedence tape in the car did you?

        edit: Just saw Tybalt's link. Ha!


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          Re: A question for you LEO's

          Well, I see Detroit Michigan as your listed Location... if that's the case.. I am sure Magnum's average of "3-5" days to get to a detective is Generous. I am sure they, meaning the patrol guys, are thinking that this kid needed a ride home and took the friend, "Joy Riding", etc..and it will work itself out. And even if it makes it to the Detective's desk..I'm sure the Pile it sits on gets reshuffled and this moves to the bottom (Unless they need a quick clearance). Check this SITE out (DETRIOT PR STATS)

          Not that it isn't a big deal in your life or the car owners... but it's the auto insurance companies that push auto theft investigation forward..with funded Task Forces etc... and even those target RINGS of thieves... not the ones with Keys....

          ..and it's certainly possible you just got a Lazy..not doing a report officer..... (I've been know to skimp on a few in my day also....And I am in a slow, rural area... Detroit would be a fiasco..)

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            Re: A question for you LEO's

            You're probably better off calling Batman.
            Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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              Re: A question for you LEO's

              Originally posted by pedestrian01 View Post
              our best chance of getting the car back was to go talk to the kid ourselves.


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                Re: A question for you LEO's

                Ok I'm of no help. Obviously my sign is Leo but apparently you were more interested in Law Enforcment Officers ;)




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