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what a god damn sham

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  • what a god damn sham

    here is the SHAM

    the cleric muqtada and all his malitia are going to be allowed to leave the shrine completely untouched, this is not before american forces are going to be told to pull back as part of the conditions of acceptance.

    and muqtada himself will be allowed to rejoin life as usual in iraq. as a free man. this is bull****, if the iraqis new government can make decisions like that, then they do not need our help.

    how many soldiers have died fighting muqtada al sadr and he walks away comepletly scot free. its a cop out, and its being reported like it is some kind of success.

    and at the expense of our lives we got no justice. yeah well this looks promising for the government, they have not been in power long, and they give in to terrorism.

    instead of having a large group of terrorists in one place, they are going to be alllowed to filter back into all the cities.

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    Re: what a god damn sham

    Well, while you're screaming for some tit-for-tat justice, the Iraqis (and us too) seem to be concentrating on developing some bare essentials for pulling together a concentration of power and popular support that might possibly be effective in creating a stable authority.

    I'm not saying it's awesome that he's walking away a free man, but sometimes there are bigger objectives then revenge.


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      Re: what a god damn sham

      no h-hour while you can take that tone, you missed the point.

      you think this power is still with the iraqis government. no, it isnt, the terrorists are now back in the country sifted through. muqtada al sadr is a free man despite killing his own people burning and mutilating those who did not agree with him.

      but hey as long as the fighting has stopped. right and for how long, these people who have been fanatically and biterly fighting are not just going to say, "oh well almost did it, we will let bygons be bygons.

      the objective of justice is not revenge and for you to even paralelle that in your hypothesis is absolute madness. he should be tried and brought to justice just as any criminal.

      lets look at what the iraqis people will take from this, with enough guns and man power, secured by a holy site, we can hold the country to ransom. its exactly what has happened and all involved have walked away scott free.

      lets not also forget that these people were smuggling their rifles out and hiding them to get later, not exactly what you would expect a reformed and peaceful person to do. the violence is still there, its been halted for the time being until the next stage.

      and who are the iraqis government using for protection, US soldiers, and yet the decision to lay6 down arms and let all go free is up to the iraqis government. im sorry, thats crap.

      those who have died have died puppets in yet another political demonstration. and how many more soldiers have to die like this one must ask.

      you talk about a concentration of power, well it seems to me, as nearly every western nation has said, that they will not negociate with tewrrorists. this would have been the ideal opotunity for the new iraq to assert its authority and make it impossible for someone to start another uprising. but instead, negociations took place, the ransom of the holy shrine was enough to ensure a point was made.

      and therefore terror has profitted. yeah there has been a concentration of power ok, only the other way, the militia won this. they controlled it from day one.

      this situation may have been resolved, but at what cost, those responsable are still at large. and the cost may become aparant when more violence follows when the factions regroup.


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        Re: what a god damn sham

        oh p.s attack the situation and leave me out of it thanks




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