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    I am thinking about doing these whenever I read a good comic. So expect them about once a month or so. Feedback is always welcome, and if you have a comic you want to recommend to me to read then please feel free to PM me and I will pick up a couple of issues. And again, feedback is always welcome (whether it be posted here or PMed to me).

    I have two comics this time. So lets get started.

    Amazing Fantasy
    Publisher: Marvel
    Writer: Fiona Avery
    Pencils: Roger Cruz
    Inks: Jaime Mendoza
    Current issue: 3 of 6

    Wow, where to start.

    Its bad, really bad. For one thing, they took something as simple as Spider-man and messed it up. "Radioactive spider bites hopeless lose, hopeless loser gets spiders powers", easy right? Well not any more (and dont get me started on the fact that the original Amazing Fantasy was an anthology and not an ongoing series). This book stars a teenage high schooler named "Anaya". See Anaya has a problem, she over reacts to everything. A bully picking on her friend? Challenge said bully to a fight, even though he is four times your size.. I think you can take him :icon_roll! The whole high school drama isnt the worst part of it. The whole book is filled with cliché. Single apparently well meaning but bumbling father and a mother who ran out for reason I’m sure we will later discover had something to do with Anya being the initiate (its like being "the chosen one"... original huh?). Also please don’t let the father’s going out to help another reporter on a dangerous story lead to the obvious tragedy it’s hinting around.. Throwing mysticism into the Spider-Man mythos isnt a good idea. I hate the fact that they used this type of story to make another Spidy book. Granted, its aimed at teenage females, but come on. No teenage girl is going to buy this comic... they're all too busy listening to whatever the hell kind of crappy music MTV is regurgitating and dressing like whores to even care about comics. But hey! at least the artwork is good.

    Its not for the serious comic fans.... unfortunately its aimed at their daughters...

    Now for my new favorite.

    Publisher: Marvel
    Writer: Marc Sumerak
    Pencils: Casey Jones
    Current issue: 3

    If you have ever pretended to be a cowboy riding the dusty trail on your horse or a space hero fighting aliens (or like me, pretending you're Link trying to rescue Zelda.... dont ask), then this book is for you.

    A group of neighborhood kids who make-believe that they’re intergalactic super-heroes have a chance encounter with a real alien and help him in his time of need! Living out their childhood fantasies to the fullest, they tell the alien that they are the Guardians — appointed protectors of this planet — and that, should he need their help again, they’ll be ready! NOW: It’s been 14 years since their extra-terrestrial adventure, and the kids have grown up and moved on. Having given up their childhood dreams they are making an awkward transition to the adult world, working average jobs and living average lives… until the alien that they helped all those years ago returns to Earth, seeking the help of the “Guardians” once again! With the fate of the universe in their hands, it’s up to these disillusioned 20-somethings to step up and save the very same world that tried to tell them they were crazy!

    I liked this book. It took me back to my childhood. Reading this book, there was many times when I said to myself "I was one of these kids". I dont want to give away the story, but I do think that you should check this book one. Its a great read. A little wordy, but a good story. The art is a little cartoony for me, but it goes with the story nicely.

    Well thats it for now. Remember, if you have any recommendation drop me a line. And feedback is always welcome.
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    Re: James' Comic Recommendation

    Hmmm, I might go check out the Guardians. Who publishes it?
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      Re: James' Comic Recommendation

      Sorry, its a Marvel book.




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