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Something nasty turns out good...and funny

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  • Something nasty turns out good...and funny

    Hi guys,

    Earthless and me where discussing nasty bugs this morning and it reminded me of something that happend 2 years ago while being on vacation in Thailand.
    Just wanted to share this story.

    My GF and me where enjoying a tour through Thailand in 2007 when we ended up on an almost uninhabited island near Koh Samui (almost meaning 8 Thai and 4 tourists). An beautifull idyllic island with the nicest beaches one can picture….

    Actual picture

    We shared a little hut at the edge of the jungle and though the hut was raised about 1,5m above the ground we where weary of any bugs that might enter our little part of heaven (wow….never know I was such a poetic). I mean though the bugs where big the cracks in this hut where wide enough to make a 6 lane highway for them. ;-)

    One evening after enjoying a very good Thai meal in a small restaurant sort of thingy (though even that is exaggerated it) we walked back to our hut (mind you it was after dark) to get ready for bed.
    I walked into the bathroom to get my toothbrush, started to brush my teeth, walked back into the livingroom/bedroom, kicked of my slippers and walked back into the bathroom……..OUCH……what the hell was that…something stung me…
    Looking down to my horror I saw this running away:

    OH MY GOD….been stung by a scorpion…..I’m gonna die…..
    I hopped back into the bedroom and told my GF in horror what just happened. You must know shes a nurse and is trained to keep calm in similar situations, so she told me to lay down on the bed and keep calm so my heartbeat would slow and the poison would not pump through my body that fast.
    TOO LATE…my heart was already pumping at max and the adrenaline was surging through my body…so completely freaked out (hey...the baddest bug out here is a wasp...and not even a big one) I shouted to her ‘I don’t want to lay down I want to get that owner here to see what kind of scorpion it is’, with the last part of that sentence still in the air I hopped (on one leg) out of the hut towards the restaurant. ‘picture a wide eyed guy in his underwear hopping on one leg and slippers through the jungle’.
    After a short time….heheh I know I can beat the world record hopping on one leg easy….I came up to the restaurant where the owner was enjoying his cigarette. I told him what happened and with him blowing one final puff of smoke on the air he asked me in a relaxing voice (mind you I wasn’t) if it was a black of a brown scorpion.
    ‘I DON’T KNOW!!!!!’….’think it was a brown one…….but I only saw it for 1 sec’ (before girlishly walking off :row__523: ). He told me everything would be okay and he would walk with me back to the hut to see.
    (picture a small Thai with a tall hopping Dutchman following him)
    He took a peek in the bathroom, found the critter…..and gave it one hell of a headache with his slipper (aka squatting the bug). Mind you it was only 1,5cm long.
    He then asked me to follow him back to the restaurant. When we arrived there he told his two cooks what happened (in Thai, so I can only imagine how he told them…….), they smiled a little bit (that might give away a bit on the how) and started to open kitchen cupboards looking for something.
    All the while I’m sitting there wondering how much pain I will be in soon….
    Finally they found what they were looking for, a pot filled with some sort of nuts…’Oh great’ I thought ‘ I might not be dead soon but maybe in a lot of pain and they are taking time to start a snack’. One of the cooks comes out of the kitchen with a big ( and I mean Crocodile Dundee BIG!!) butcher knife. By the time I reassured enough to get a bit of humor back and though a scary look at the cook and knife….he smiled understanding the joke and opens the pot.
    Takes out one nut…splits it in two give one half to the other cook and keeps the other himself. They both start chewing on the nut. All the while the owner is searching cupboard after cupboard for (what appears later) some band aids.
    I’m told to keep my hand up and the two cooks both but the mashed nut bits from their mouth into my hands telling me (in Thai) that I need to but it on the part the scorpion stung me.
    The owner the applies some band aid on it and tells me to go back to sleep.
    A bit confused on everything that just happened I hop back to the hut to tell my GF everything will be okay (she got the me-not-dying-part from when the owner first came with me already). That evening I fell asleep after a long, long time , but fortunately the most I felt was a small stinging sensation like when your arm falls asleep.
    All in all not something I would like to do again, but it makes a good story afterwards and is cool to tell at parties. :row__523:
    Things I’ve learned….never forget where you are and what the possible dangers might be….and the world is full of wonders and the locals usually know best.

    Anyone else got some funny/cool/nice holiday stories to share?
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    Re: Something nasty turns out good...and funny

    Good story... my wife and I want to go there for our honeymoon (we got married last month but cash flow wouldn't allow us to take a honeymoon). We're probably going to go in March though. I'll try not to get stung!
    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    - Attributed to General George Patton, Jr.


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      Re: Something nasty turns out good...and funny

      I'm sure I got a few ones...

      On Christmas night I had a smidgen to drink (two glasses of champagne and a beer) and went off to bed later. When i woke up the next morning i found myself staring at a rather large hole in the wall above my bed, and around the hole the wall was slightly crushed in (drywall ftl).

      i have absolutely no recolection of anything like this happening. my siblings and my dad said they heard three loud bangs coming from my room in the middle of the night, which is even weirder.

      Then there was the time we were in Austria for thanksgiving and i accidentally got drunk when i was 14. :p




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