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Politics and Religion of Parents

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  • Politics and Religion of Parents

    My fathers a Democrat, my mothers a Republican.

    My Father is Protestant, my Mom is catholic.

    I hear A LOT of opinions about politics when talking to these two. One thinks Bush is the dumbest man to walk the Earth. the other think he's doing his best.

    Anyone else has had these kinds of parents.

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    Re: Politics and Religion of Parents

    Originally posted by Sir-Nerd View Post
    One thinks Bush is the dumbest man to walk the Earth. the other think he's doing his best.
    They both could be right. He could be the dumbest man on earth doing his best. ;)

    But consider yourself lucky that you hear both sides from people you trust. (I am assuming). Neither side is alway right and neither side is always wrong.
    Iím not racists, I have republican friends. Radio show host.
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      Re: Politics and Religion of Parents

      I'm living in an area where the political game is almost as important as hockey, and came across a few funny happenings in my life:

      -My father managed to get his lawyer to switch allegiances. Kinda puts you in confidence if you ever go to court, huh?

      -During a French class, the teacher prompted a small debate about the importance of the French language on the job market. I made a statement favoring English. When I told about it over the dinner table, both my parents were certain that my teacher would insta-fail me for that.

      -I never say who I voted for, and my allegiance is ambiguous enough so that I may vote for one party during an election, then vote for another the next. However, my parents see it as a game to guess my choice by staring at my reactions when they mention various political parties.

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        Re: Politics and Religion of Parents

        My parents are both willfully inept and unwilling to even participate in the election. I don't blame them, I guess, but they both like Dr. Paul. Unfortunately my father can't vote tuesday because he is disabled and my mom's a democrat.. so, thats just hopeless.




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