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  • John McCain

    He is currently my favorite. His big weakness, to me, is his voting record on abortion and his admitted lack of economic knowledge.

    But I hear alot of hate out there.

    I know much of it is because of his position on immigration issues.

    JMJ pointed out his position on campaign finance reform is a horrible thing that craps on the constitution.

    Any other reasons why do you hate him?

    (And if you want to post on why you like him... that would be welcomed as well.)
    Iím not racists, I have republican friends. Radio show host.
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    Re: John McCain

    Because he is a traitor and a treasonist.. from what I know of him.


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      Re: John McCain

      My 2 reasons are (you stated one above)

      Campaign finance reform

      Amnesty for illegals.

      Other than that, he would get my vote without much thought.


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        Re: John McCain

        -voting record

        here are some pros/cons
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        . . . .


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          Re: John McCain

          Is not a Republican.....



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            Re: John McCain

            Can't stand him, if he gets in the house, we will be at War for 50 years. In fact, if we get another Repub, we're no better off. Might as well change the rules, and keep Bush in there.


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              Re: John McCain

              Originally posted by Tonk View Post
              Is it just me or does this seem to have absolutely nothing to do with any useful pros/cons. Pro/con lists are inherently biased but it would be nice to have something a bit more objective for those of us who only just started caring about politics (seeing as i can now vote \o/.)



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                Re: John McCain

                He wants to stay in this war until victory is achieved yet, like lil' Bush, he fails to define any conditions for victory.

                Plus he's ignorant to economics...this is something critical for the next president to have some kind of understanding of if we're going to move forward as a nation.

                He's too old.

                He's a republican.
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                  Re: John McCain

                  Considering the other 2 potential candidates for the republicans, lesser of 3 evils. I consider myself Republican but seem to be leaning more toward libertarian. If the media would pick up Ron Paul it might look better.

                  I dont see McCain being a good debater against either of the 2 democrats. They will eat him alive. Then again i shudder when i hear Hillary say things about not listening to special interest groups and tax cuts for the middle class.
                  that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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                    Re: John McCain

                    The Keating five.



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                      Re: John McCain

                      I hate McCain because he's a 5th generation warmonger Prince (Admiral's son) who technically dishonored himself in Vietnam, but constantly uses it as a crutch and self-promotion as a "hero." If he got swiftboated, he'd be ran out of town... alas, he's already got legislation in place to protect himself, so he wont be getting swiftboated anytime soon.


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                        Re: John McCain

                        I am bored to tears listening to him, he is too damn old and his sanity and decision making abilities are questionable.

                        He stuck in a time warp. I am sorry he was in hole for 5 years, but I don't see how that helps him do anything or is relevant at all today. He's part of the old school "get our way by force" mentality. We need brains not brawn. The rest of the world hates us. When people don't like you things have a way of not working out for you like the economy. Staying in Iraq for 50 years is perfect way to breed generations of people who hate us. That crap may have worked half a century ago, but in the incredible shrinking world it's not going to pass the scrutiny of the neighborhood association. He needs to be at VFW somewhere wearing a fez playing gin rummy and telling war stories.

                        What I like about him? He's too boring to beat the Dems in a debate.


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                          Re: John McCain

                          Hell no! I will never vote for that lying back stabbing SOB Cain. He can take his nomination and shove it. Reasons?


                          - McCain-Feingold: limiting our 1st amendment rights

                          - McCain-Leiberman: tax on fuel that will cost us, the consumer on every gallon we purchase

                          - McCain-Kennedy: AMNESTY ("first I would vote for it then I would vote against it" but it is so bad, it won't come up for a vote)

                          - Juan Hernandez, open-borders Mexican citizen is advising McCain's campaign on immigration.

                          - IMMIGRATION - "I get it: secure the border first" but what would McCain do after that? I know: pathway to citizenship, no matter what you call it.

                          - Energy Independence (a security issue): doesn't support exploring ANWR.

                          - Alito: Secretly didn't support him because he "wore his conservatism on his sleeve"

                          - Taxes: McCain was only 1 of 2 to vote against the Bush tax cuts - twice! He's since flip-flopped and is lying about the reason that he initially voted against them.


                          - Keating-Five Scandal: McCain was one of the five involved

                          - Had an extra-marital affair (cheated on his first wife)

                          - Is his wife first lady material? She was addicted to prescription pain pills and then stole/embezzled them from the non-profit agency she was associated with. McCain used his influence to help weasel her out of it.

                          - Blatant lie about Romney's position on the war:

                          FOR RESOURCES:
                          See these articles about McCain:

                          Battlefield Samurai 'Banzaaaiii!!!


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                            Re: John McCain

                            I don't particularly care for McCain, but I'll take him over the competition. Not so much "settling" for him as fleeing to something that resembles safe harbor.

                            I think McCain will maintain a robust foreign policy. He was way ahead of the curve in calling for the surge. That pisses off the left but the fact that no-one is talking so much about Iraq speaks volumes about the surge's efficacy.

                            I think McCain brings enormous credibility to one issue: torture. President McCain can say "The USA will not torture on my watch" and it will stick. Get that stupid sideshow off the table and move on.

                            I think McCain will keep my taxes down. Lord knows nobody on the left is at all interested in that.

                            Clinton....what to say? Does ANYONE like her anymore? Obama is a dreamboat, to be sure, but I think the country will grow out of him before the race is done. I will give him this, I may disagree with just about everything that comes out of his mouth, but I know where he stands.

                            I disagree with McCain on a lot of things, but not nearly as many, and I know where he stands.


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                              Re: John McCain

                              This is the most entertaining political season that I can remember, that's for sure. Here's hoping for a brokered Democratic convention!

                              Looks like the Republicans may actually have a faint hope of keeping the White House for another four years. Pretty shocking.
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