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Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

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  • Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

    Thought I would post this in the sandbox because it's a current event for me. Talk about a depressing last two days. Last night I visited a co-worker in the hospital. She had just gotten out of the operating room to remove cancer in her breast. If that wasn't a cold dose of reality, I got home today and my landlord told me that our night manager, Steve, had past away last night from his eight to nine month battle with cancer. On top of that, an old co-worker of mine's sister died from cancer over Christmas. I had to call him and let him know that his old co-worker has breast cancer. Talk about an uncomfortable call.

    My co-worker just found out at the beginning of February that she had breast cancer. Her recover will include six months of chemo and plastic surgery. You work with someone for years and suddenly they have this life threating disease. My apartment night manager, the nicest guy in the world, a resident of the building for 33 years and who I had not seen in a few weeks was perhaps the most saddening. He died in his room and refused to be admitted to the hospital in his last few days. I've come to find out that the doctors were only giving him a few years to live. The building tenants plus his family are giving him a memorial out in the building garden on Sunday.

    I've never really known someone who has had cancer. It's always someone I read about in the paper or have seen on television. Man, very depressing.
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    Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

    Its tough, my grandmother had/has cancer. There isn't too much to say, other than it just sucks. It can affect individuals who you would never had thought would get it and leave others who you are extremely lucky not to. I hope she does well.


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      Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

      Let's see. Nearly EVERY male in my dad's family has died from some form of cancer since they all drank, smoked, did not exercise, and were over weight.

      My kindergarten teacher died from breast cancer about a year ago.

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        Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

        Dad died from cancer about three years ago. Got it from working in boatyards all his life. Grinding fiberglass, painting, sanding, all sorts of crap. Back then there wasn't much in the way of safety equipment.

        Got sick one day and it didn't go away for months, so he and my mom went to the hospital and he was diagnosed with some sort of malignant cancer in his chest area. Terminal. He went ahead and fought it and bought himself an extra six months or so, but it ate away at him pretty bad. I had just returned from Afghanistan when they found out. He died that October... it sucked. To be perfectly frank, my dad and I never quite formed that father-son connection, and we were just starting to open up to each other... a lot went unsaid, and there are still days where I wish he were around so I could ask him something, or show him something, or just talk to him.

        Oh, well. It was a blessing when his body finally gave up the fight. He died in his sleep, and his final month or so was extremely, extremely bad (my mother having to practically carry him into the bathroom to bathe him, for example... he just didn't have anymore strength for anything). I miss him... but that's life.


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          Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

          My Mother's aunt was Diagnosed with Cancer a few years back, seemingly healthy until that point... She would only hold on for another 2 months. When she was diagnosed she moved in with my Mother's two cousins. Both of whom were long time smokers. The younger of the two had finally succeeded in quitting cigarettes shortly before his Mother was diagnosed, while she was still living with them, on a routine checkup, they found cancer in him as well.

          The hospital told them they'd never had mother and son right after each other in the Chemo Therapy room. Not exactly a good honor to hold.

          He was well at his Mother's Funeral, in April of 03. He passed away in October of that year.

          The other Brother last about a year more. He passed away in his sleep, in December of 04, at age 44. While he didn't suffer from Cancer, I'm of the opinion it's responsible.

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            Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

            My grandfather does. He has it at the bottom of his spine and his hip. They believe is spread from his lungs. right now things dont look very good.

            My dog just died from cancer. He had a tumor on his leg that we found and had removed. But missed the one in his belly and it burst. He was bleeding to death and the vet said there was not much they could do so we had to have him put down. He was only 10. This just happend 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

            I have lost other family and friends to cancer but I have also had several survivors who were blessed enough to fight it out and make it.
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              Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

              My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was about 16 (I'm 24 now). Tore my parents apart (It wasn't the cause...just the straw). Very rough time. Very depressing time for me...I had to shave her head because her hair was falling about a difficult thing to do. She eventually recovered (probably because she was diagnosed so young...around 47) and now leads a very healthy fulfilling life. We go to the susan g. komen thing every year. She wears a pink shirt. Its very nice.

              Its strange to remember that time and place...I don't like to think about it...and I don't very often. Ah..well, I hope everything turns out good for you and your co-worker. There isn't much else to say except for: stay the course, be strong.


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                Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                My mom just turned 81, and has had skin cancer on her nose removed, and is choosing not to do it again. At the moment she's otherwise healthy as a horse. My pseudo-sister (ie. not blood related) had lymphoma twice and had it go into remission. She's got a lot of other health problems, though, so cancer doesn't top my list of things to worry about.

                To me, cancer is something to be concerned about, but I don't think of it as a ticking time bomb. Lots of people survive it now. We've seen the same pattern with other previously-fatal diseases. One could get hit by a bus tomorrow. A big comet could drop out of the Oort Cloud and kill us all with little warning.

                The important thing is to make today count. You can lose people anytime, for any reason. Enjoy them while you can.
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                  Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                  My dad has gone through two bouts of cancer. One was when I was in high school and the other just recently. He is in his upper 60's and his heart conditions have made this even more difficult not just on him but our entire family. But to his credit he is too stubborn to give in as his cardiologist told him he would be surprised to see him in 2yrs and his 2 years was up in January of this year but I do fear that this last January will be his last one as he seems to be getting tired of fighting the inevitable. We will see

                  I am sorry to hear about your friends FKD but the only advice I can give you is to try and be there for your coworker and be as positive as you can be. Help her fight, help her stay positive and she should be able to pull through. Good luck!!!


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                    Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                    My mother had breast cancer and was in treatment from 06 to 07.

                    She had 6 months of chemo and 6 months of radiation, in addition to having the tumors removed.
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                      Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                      My mother is currently dying of cancer, with about 3-5 months left.
                      She beat breast cancer 4 years back, from stage four to full remission, using nothing but homeopathy, chinese medicine and an intense dietary supplement regime that deprived the cancer of it's preferred "foods"--but it came back in her bones. Her femur broke out of the blue two months ago, and she has since been found with a cancerous lesion on the inside her skull, which is pressing against her brain. She has bad headaches, and it has caused her medulla oblangata to freak out--that which contols swallowing, choking, gagging, vomiting, etc. We don't know if she will starve to death first or die from loss of blood to her brain.

                      That being said, she is upbeat, thankful for every day, takes joy in the small things (she was "supposed" to be dead 2 1/2 yrs. ago)--the swirl of snowflakes in the air, the sun coming through clouds, a postcard from a godchild-- and is an inspiration to everyone around her. She is a woman of very strong faith, and is at peace within the strength and love of God. It is hard for me, but rarely do I feel depressed--more just sad that my time with her here is rapidly drawing to an end. It's certainly drawn my dad and I closer together, and that's a very good thing for both of us.
                      I am thankful she is being given time to say goodbye, leave us with good memories and comforting advice, and a peaceful mind about the end. I can only hope so much for anyone I love, really.

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                        Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                        Grandma died 2 years ago from cancer, at first they just thought she had it in her pancreas, "got rid of it", month later she was back in hospital, month later she was dead.. Cancer can go **** itself.
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                          Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                          Just about everyone I know in my area either has cancer or will eventually get it. The local papermill is the obvious cause since there is no other clear reason, although they deny it. My mother died from complications from Lupus in '96, it was only then that we found out she also had two types of cancer. In Jan of 2000 I lost a girlfriend to cancer. She was only 28 years old. She had a car accident and they found a tumor behind her eye when she went to the hospital. She had a concussion from the accident and it somehow aggravated the tumor and it started to grow. She made it about a year and a half but I honestly don't think it was worth what she went through with the chemotherapy. She was sick most of the time and normally only had a day of feeling normal before she had to go back for more treatment and it started all over again. If I am ever diagnosed with terminal cancer, I think I will just eat a bullet and be done with it. Cancer has made a pretty big impact on my life and from where I sit, it's a much bigger problem than Aids or any other common disease.


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                            Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                            I personally am a cancer survivor. Had it 5 years ago and beat it, I was one of the lucky ones.

                            It definitely changes your outlook on life, let me tell you. You're always wondering if it is going to come back or pop up somewhere else. Definitely changes the way you live your life day to day.

                            I think the others summed it up nicely. Cancer sucks.


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                              Re: Anyone have a loved one, friend with or who has had Cancer?

                              One of my friends flew to NY last Friday because her dad is really sick. He went to the hospital and they couldn’t find any tumors but they kept getting results in their test that there are cancer cells in his body again. Now their just trying to find out where the cancer is. He beat it once hopefully he can do it again

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                              Cancer can go **** itself.
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