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i think im gonna die

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  • i think im gonna die

    maybe not, but does anyone know what a 'works bomb' is? well i had a snowmobile helmet bag with all the fixings for making them from when i was a youngin(i know... but 4 years ago or so) i just came across.. i set it on my dresser so i could go through it later on, and i woke to a pungent odor and i couldnt figure it out... so what do i do? i sniff around for the cause... 2 sniffs later i nearly pass out from a fume smell comming from the bag, i threw the whole thing in my garbage and made sure nothing was anywhere, the bag is waterproof so it didnt leak any, but i know very well that works bombs are very toxic... what should i do? should i worry?
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    Re: i think im gonna die

    I wouldn't throw it in the garbage. Some poor garbage man may puncture the bag and be injured.

    Find out how to de-activate the chemicals. You made the mess so I think you should probably clean it up.

    And you are probably not going to die but be careful.
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