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Winter soldier veteran testimonials - video

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  • Winter soldier veteran testimonials - video
    (this second link is the realplayer link, dunno if it works).

    I am watching the realplayer video in this page. I believe the soldiers in this video are against the war. But aside from anyone's political view, these testimonials are deeply moving and brutally honest.

    If you look at it,
    *at the second speaker, pay attention to the (I suppose) fellow soldiers next to the speaker as he tells his story. Their eyes tell it all.
    *at the mother's testimonial: a bump in the could anyone live with that?

    Plz watch this, skip the family testimonials if you don't like them.
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    Re: Winter soldier veteran testimonials - video

    I almost missed the post Al, glad I found it. Amy Goodman and Democracy Now are among the most independent voices in America today and is carried on thousands of radio stations in North and South America. Some might find it fairly easy to label this is a leftist program, but the fact that it's completely independent and community based protects it from any accusations of corporate or political factors.

    These testimonials, to me, speak less to Iraq than they do war in general. War is atrocious, whether it is carried out by 'precision' air strike or close combat. In my opinion this fact is not enough to condemn all wars, though, let alone the Iraq war. The Iraq war can be condemned because of the falsehoods under which it was launched and the fact that it is now another enourmous region of Islamic unrest - something the Middle East most certainly does not need. The IVAW (the organization putting this event on) sums it up quite well here.

    That's not to say that Americans shouldn't pay attention to this Winter Soldier event or the IVAW. It's incredibly important that all citizens pay attention to the unbelievably sad details of fighting wars, especially those that are ongoing and being carried out in our names.
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      Re: Winter soldier veteran testimonials - video

      I'm glad someone picked it up!. I think you are right that this recording shows the horror of war in general. After watchng this I kept seeing the end of apocalypse now in front of me, when he goes "...the horror....the horror...".

      How quickly we forget.




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