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Lost some respect for Walt Disney after reading this...

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  • Lost some respect for Walt Disney after reading this...

    Disney's White Wilderness was filmed in Alberta, Canada, which is not a native habitat for lemmings and has no outlet to the sea. Lemmings were imported for use in the film, purchased from Inuit children by the filmmakers. The Arctic rodents were placed on a snow-covered turntable and filmed from various angles to produce a "migration" sequence; afterwards, the helpless creatures were transported to a cliff overlooking a river and herded into the water. White Wilderness does not depict an actual lemming migration at no time are more than a few dozen lemmings ever shown on the screen at once. The entire sequence was faked using a handful of lemmings deceptively photographed to create the illusion of a large herd of migrating creatures.
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    Re: Lost some respect for Walt Disney after reading this...

    the 1958 Disney nature documentary White Wilderness
    It was 1958! Big gas guzzling cars, segregation, women with little rights - the fact that some photographers staged a migration and suicide sequence for film (possibly without the Disney folks even knowing) should hardly be surprising. People in general back then weren't exactly overly concerned with the environment. I'm sure if you knew all of the questionable things companies that are still around from that era did you''d be hard pressed to have any respect for any of them. Personally, I don't think it's worth getting upset over.




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