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  • Hilarious!

    Before the various sections of the TG community start on what I didn't the video.

    Her line about "...I hear them it's good enough for the blind...".

    Too many funny lines.

    Watch and laugh!

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    Re: Hilarious!

    This link put the best short film on top. It was sad :(
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      Re: Hilarious!

      Ooh! How to solve a Rubiks Cube! Now I can finally conquer that confounded contraption!
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        Re: Hilarious!

        Rubiks Cube is pretty easy. I watched that video and it's a completely different method than what I use. Either way, practice it, and it's good for at least one "Cool" from somebody. I make no guarantees beyond one because it's also completely geeky.

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          Re: Hilarious!

          Chocolate Rain is pretty funny. but not hilarious.
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            Re: Hilarious!

            Hey.. that's Felicia.... from that Cheetos commercial in the laundromat.


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              Re: Hilarious!

              Maybe Acreo could step back in here and help me find what he's talking about :)

              The link took me to a guy youtubing about a girl that was youtubing, one sounded as sad as the other.


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                Re: Hilarious!

                Originally posted by Rincewind View Post
                This link put the best short film on top. It was sad :(
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                  Re: Hilarious!

                  under the nominations, I like the david blane ones... stalking with magic lol
                  I watched all of them... pretty funny
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