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  • gift card from Best Buy...

    Pretty cool... almost threw it away thinking it was junk mail, but something made me open it and read it... a letter from Best Buy talking about how Blu-Ray won the HD war, and since they have a record of me buying a HD DVD player and HD DVD's... that they were sorry, advising how you can still watch the HD DVD's that have been released and regular DVD's, but no new ones will be coming out... but here's a 50 dollar gift card for anything in the store, for your trouble.

    Of course I also bought a Blu-Ray DVD player...and even the Samsung 5000 (Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player) a week before the announcement. So I was good anyway... but like I said, pretty cool of Best Buy...

    So if you've bought a HD DVD player from Best Buy, don't throw a letter away without checking first. ;)

    This has been a friendly customer service announcement. ;)
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    Re: gift card from Best Buy...

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      Re: gift card from Best Buy...

      Good thing to note, I'm sure you're not the only one and most would probably assume it was junk mail.
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