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  • Eminem

    well come on guys Verdict now,

    is he out of line with his slur on michael or is it just same old good fun and great lyrics to tickel the funny bone

    In Eminem's new song there are several celebreties who are in short made fun of, however with references to touching little boys and michael jackson, jacko is mad at him....

    so does he have the right to be mad at him?

    or is he justified?

    gimmie your thoughts.

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    Re: Eminem

    I didn't even know he had a new video out. Have you guys seen this thing? I know it's over the top, but man, I laughed so hard that I cried.

    Click on "Just Lose It":

    He makes fun of Jackson, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, PeeWee Herman and Santa. Can't go wrong there. Of course it ticked of Jacko, but.. well... just see for youself.


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      Re: Eminem

      well sorry , yeah great link Luna, thanks, look at the vid then tell me its anything but humour...

      and he even says in the video, and "and thats not a stab at michael, im just psycho"...

      which is double edged but still.


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        Re: Eminem

        then also makes fun of himself in 8mile, the movie bad santa, m.c. hammer, madonna, and quite a few others. he has made fun of someone in almost every video if not 7 or 8 blatant digs..... nothing new there, I found it kinda funny myself. I also thought by eminem's standards, it was very tame..... I know it's edited and all, but I diddn't see a ton of obvious places in the video.

        and micheal is a freak who needs to come back to earth. yes, he could buy and sell all of us 10 times, but he's still a freak and who cares if he's mad. he's washed up.
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          Re: Eminem

          Man, rap is not my favorite genre of music, to be sure, but that video is great!
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            Re: Eminem

            isnt it just,

            kinda what i thought dog,

            and isnt it great when he trie to chat up "dre"





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