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Muslim Cleric Slams US Voting System

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  • Muslim Cleric Slams US Voting System

    Another fine example of "you just don't get it do ya!?" It's called FREEDOM! No we're not perfect and neither is our system of Gov't, but at least we're trying.


    A Saudi cleric has hammered the U.S. one-man-one-vote system on Arab television, saying an "idiot" doesn't deserve the same say as an intelligent American.

    The Muslim cleric's comments were part of an interview translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV.

    During the interview, which was broadcast in Saudi Arabia and UAE, the TV host asks the cleric: "Liberty and human rights make some Muslims angry. Why does this term make them angry?"

    Responds Saleh Al-Munajid: "If you compare un-Islamic regimes, some of them would be bad and the others would be worse. It is a known fact. For instance, if you compare between a tyrannical, evil, oppressing regime and Western democracy which is better? Western democracy is better. But is it our dream come true? No!

    "Take the issue of elections, for instance. What do you think of a voting system like the American one that gives a physician, an intellectual, an astronaut, an intelligent person and the head of the family, a vote that has the same weight as the vote of an ignorant, a fool, an idiot, an imbecile, a hippy, a bum, an unemployed man, who has no diploma, culture, or brains. What is this?!"

    Um, hmmm, let's see, maybe.....Democracy!?

    The cleric is then asked about globalization and the Westernization of Muslims.

    "The problem is that globalization now comes from the others to us. Therefore, we [Muslims] are being globalized, and not globalizing others. We want to turn the tables."

    We're not buyin' what you're sellin' pal.
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    Re: Muslim Cleric Slams US Voting System

    I fully support a system in which "idiots" don't get as many votes as smart people as long as I'm on the side determining who the "idiots" are.

    RE: Globalization, Mr. Cleric just needs to gather together the political, economic, and military power to set the tone and agenda and then he'll be all set. Simple!


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      Re: Muslim Cleric Slams US Voting System

      Define: "Smart"

      I've seen men with Masters and Doctorates who are still some of the most bigoted and senseless people on this earth. If my Uncle (Masters in Business, and very wealthy) had his way, black people would all be shipped out of the US or shot. Yes, he's a racist bastard. Do you want his vote counting more than yours?

      And when it comes to politics, only those in power would be able to quantify what "Stupid" means. Maybe they could define that anyone who agrees abortion should be kept legal as stupid and keep them from voting (or cut the value down). I still fail to see exactly what went so horribly wrong this election that everyone is getting so pissed off about.

      Equality means exactly that. You can't say "because you spent X on education means your vote counts for more." While were at it we could require an original idea like Poll Taxes or Writing Tests. Oh wait.... we tried that on minorities already.




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