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    A statement from Detroit Pistons general manager Joe Dumars:

    Some in the media are declaring the series over because the Boston Celtics have won four of the six games played so far. But I donít understand why, with a series this close and hotly contested, anyone would want to shut it down before we play a seventh game and have all the results in. As anybody who follows the NBA knows, a seven-game series would be good for the league, and the added competition would make the eventual victor, whomever it might be, a stronger opponent against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals.

    But back to the series in question. Yes, Boston has won four games and Detroit only two. But it's hard to imagine a more arbitrary and undemocratic way to determine this seriesís outcome than "games won." It is, after all, a bedrock value of the game of basketball that all points must be counted. But how can that be the case when every point beyond the winning point is ignored? There are literally dozens of layups, jumpers, free throws, and (yes, even) dunks that our opponents want to say don't count for anything at all. We call on the NBA to do the right thing and fully count all of the baskets that were made throughout the course of this series.

    Once you abandon the artificial four-games-to-two framework that the media has tried to impose on the series, a very different picture emerges, with the Celtics leading by a mere 549 points to 539. Yes thatís right, the margin between the two teams is less than one percentóa tie, for all intents and purposes. This is probably the closest Conference Finals in NBA history, though I will thank you not to check on that.
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    Re: Too funny

    Is this that thing where the guys run around and jump at rings, or am I thinking of Sonic the Hedgehog?


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      Re: Too funny

      Originally posted by MagnaCentipede View Post
      Is this that thing where the guys run around and jump at rings, or am I thinking of Sonic the Hedgehog?
      No, I think its the thing where the guys with tattoos run around (palming the ball i might add) and wear their pants low and blare rap music, or do i have it mistaken for a rap video?
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        Re: Too funny

        That is some very sophisticated humor coming from a basketball coach.


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          Re: Too funny

          Quite funny. Also, more proof of why I advocate that all sports swap to a format like football: one game and you're done. No more 25 game series to drag the season out for 8 months.
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