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The Things That Carried Him

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  • The Things That Carried Him

    A great article. A very long read (I printed a hard copy and read it over the last couple days on the bus to and from work), but very informative and emotional. The synopsis, from Esquire:

    Four thousand American soldiers have died in Iraq. This is the true story of how one of them came home.
    I won't say much more than that, but I urge you to find some time to give it a read. No matter what you think about the war, you will learn something from this article and come away with a much greater appreciation of the sacrifices of our armed forces and their families.

    Oh, and hit the "Print" icon to get rid of the annoying pagination if you plan on reading it online.
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    Re: The Things That Carried Him

    This article is one of the best I ever read, its a must read, and I have passed it on to people that I know (i even scanned it once it arrived at my house, even before I found it online and sent it to people).

    Even though my eyes welled up with tears, it was a great article and should only be praised.
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