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Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.

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  • Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.

    Saw this Saturday afternoon with the wife... Argh. ("Argh" about the movie.. not seeing it with my wife...)

    First, a little context. I wasn't immediately impressed with M. Night's last movie, Lady in the Water, but it grew on me, I actually like it now. Same with "The Village," except it never really grew on me.

    Take his latest - "The Happening" was just plain bad, and I don't think my take on it will ever improve. Those bad reviews that abound on the net (and I usually don't pay much attention to them) are largely correct.

    The movie gives a reasonably interesting premise - the "happening" - and quickly degrades into more and more bizarre and poorly written scenes of Wahlberg and his group running away, and saying increasingly stupid things to one another.

    *** Spoiler Alert ***

    What's "happening" is the earth's vegetation has decided to release an airborne toxin that affects people. First, you become disoriented, speech becomes disjointed, or you just repeat yourself. Second, you experience physical disorientation (most people in the movie just walk backwards a few steps). Lastly, your survival instinct just "turns off" - which basically means, at least in this movie, that you immediately try to kill yourself, by whatever means are available to you. Drive you car into a tree, shoot yourself (which then frees your gun up for someone else to use), turn on a big riding mower, then lie down in its path, bang your head up against your house, you name it.

    As biology teacher Wahlberg (sp?) figures out that plants are attacking smaller and smaller groups of people, he and his group are literally trying to run away from the wind, as trees and bushes sway back and forth... This wind and "blowing greenery" image serves as the main indicator of the "happening" about to "happen" near your location for the rest of the movie.

    Argh, this is giving me a headache, just remembering it.

    At one point in the movie, everyone in a diner flees to their cars, and speeds off, trying to get away from the "happening"... I think M. Night intended this to be a subliminal suggestion, as afterward I was intensely wishing that my wife and I had done exactly that - ran from the theater, and sped off...

    Beware, TG dudes and dudettes.. you have been warned.


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    Re: Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.

    That wasn't a review, that was this move sucks, here's a complete spoiler :|

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      Re: Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.



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        Re: Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.

        The earth's vegetation "decided" to do this?

        This movie has had suck written all over it every since I saw who made it.

        I think M. Night would make terrific movies if he stopped writing his own scripts. 'Til then, he may not make many more movies at all.


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          Re: Review/Warning: "The Happening" as in sh$$ happens.

          Haha, here's a good review of this bad movie:

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            Re: Review/Warning: &quot;The Happening&quot; as in sh$$ happens.

            LOL, i wish i had read this last week mate, i saw it at the weekend, and it sucked seriously bad. Even wahlbergs attempts at sarcasm and humour fall flat, i cringed at most of the movie. awful!


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              Re: Review/Warning: &quot;The Happening&quot; as in sh$$ happens.

              Yea, I was planning on seeing it this past weekend, but ended up going out of town instead. I asked my boss about it because we have pretty similar tastes in movies. His opinion is that M. Night basically just wanted to show people committing suicide en masse. Disappointing.
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                Re: Review/Warning: &quot;The Happening&quot; as in sh$$ happens.

                Has he ever really made a good movie? I thought they all sucked.




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