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8x8x16 cement block - $1

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  • 8x8x16 cement block - $1

    I couldn't resist posting this. Language warning (F word, but used so well), safe for work though.


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    Re: 8x8x16 cement block - $1

    Funny as hell, especially the bit about NAMBLA. :P

    I gotta say, I think I know where he's coming from though. Some people apparently feel it's okay to tell you their life's story if you ask a simple question or say a simple hello. I had to answer a burglar alarm a few weeks ago, turned out the janitor was new and didn't know the alarm was on. I asked if he was going to be the regular guy so I could set him up with a code... I ended up getting some 20min long story about how he got in trouble with his boss and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't care one whit about. Took me half a dozen tries to get the information I needed. Painful, to say the least.
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      Re: 8x8x16 cement block - $1

      HA HA HA!!!

      Just take the damn thing and give me a dollar....

      Straight and to the point...I like it...

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        Re: 8x8x16 cement block - $1

        This guy doesn't live in the south. Or maybe he is a Yankee stuck in the south? You can't do anything around hear without a some kind of story attached to it.
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