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2 Movies Coming out that Seem, actually worthwhile

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  • 2 Movies Coming out that Seem, actually worthwhile

    First one is Eagle Eye: Thriller of sorts

    Second one is Traitor: Thriller/action

    Traitor caught my eye, Guy Pearce is an excellent actor who in some cases does a better American Accent than Americans themselves. Jeff Daniels looks promising kind of like the way his character should have been in the original Speed. Then there is Don Cheadle who is playing a character you normally wouldn't see him play (I think the last time he played a soldier, it was the late 80's and the film was called Hamburger Hill). Plus the actor who portrayed Buck Compton in BoB also is in it, and I forgot his name but he's a pretty good actor.

    In Any event let me know what you think, watch the trailers and lets try not to turn it into a political debate about how the government is using all of us as pawns to make the world self destruct while global warming melts the ice caps to the point that we drown.
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    Re: 2 Movies Coming out that Seem, actually worthwhile

    Wow, I like the look of both of those movies.

    Eagle Eye didn't really give much of a story plot, but I like the do what we tell you or you're going to die kinda story, it's always fun to see how the tables get turned.

    Traitor, I think they gave a little too much away with Jeff Daniel's character, it seems like he's working deep covert ops and he'll probably have to "lose" contact with Jeff Daniel's in order to keep his cover, or that part of the trailer was a ruse being used by Jeff Daniel's to cover the tracks of Cheadle's assignment.
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      Re: 2 Movies Coming out that Seem, actually worthwhile

      I worry about Eagle Eye. It seems like it's going to be a good sort of thriller, but it has that "they might go over the top and halfway through ditch the original approach in favor of wackiness and special effects" feel to it.

      Traitor looks pretty good, some great actors that aren't "big names" but do more spectacular jobs than some of your big name actors. Don't know how I missed that trailer, I'm usually pretty up to date on them.
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        Re: 2 Movies Coming out that Seem, actually worthwhile

        I quite like the look of Eagle Eye, it seems like they're making a whole movie out of one of the early scenes from The Matrix. As for Traitor I very much hope that it isn't another one of those cheesy "American patriotism" films that are so painful to watch.




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