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Woman evicted and ticketed for McCain=Bush Sign

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    Re: Woman evicted and ticketed for McCain=Bush Sign

    I think it would be more appropriate to not concentrate on the one woman, but on the group. Was her group disruptive? Did the group cause a problem for the other people there? Did the group that was behind the video production take any video of what happened before they got asked to leave?
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      Re: Woman evicted and ticketed for McCain=Bush Sign

      Originally posted by Kerostasis View Post
      Wait, since when is a "McCain = Bush" sign a "real question or concern"? Sounds more like a cheap political tagline to me. There's plenty of legitimate reasons to question McCain's effectiveness as a leader, but his desire to occasionally hold a rally absent a roomfull of distracting signs shouldn't be one of them. I mean, how long now have campaigns on both sides of the aisle been hand-picking the occupants of seats within camera view of their candidate to present their idealized view of his supporters? This is nothing more than another camera management maneuver.

      I agree with you on the point of both parties being responsible for this. Democrats and republican all do this(cause for some reason everyone in this country has to be a republican or democrat). But i would say that that sign was a great issue and concern to bring up. When McCain started getting really popular it was because of him standing up to bush. Now he is siding with him blindly like the hypocritical coward he is. Why is McCain agreeing with bush all of a sudden? could it have something to do with the millions of dollars donated to his campaign by bush and bush supporters? And as you pointed out they probably would have edited out any question she asked verbally so she used a sign to convey in a few words what is really a complex comment about McCains credibility. Its a simple sign because unfortunately alot of us americans are simple people, who cant be expected to read a long sign. Plus she may have been low on poster board.
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        Re: Woman evicted and ticketed for McCain=Bush Sign

        Originally posted by chris934 View Post
        Lets say that you are right and they had every right to throw her out (they didnt but for the sake of argument stick with me). Then we should consider McCain a coward for going places where he wont be accountable for answering real questions and concerns. I used to like McCain i thought he had integrety, but over the last few years he proved me wrong.
        Vote for who you think is really best for the country not just whoever your party nominated (I dont know who the next president should be yet but its not McCain)
        Show me dont just write a few lines. I would like to know my error. Im just saying if that man or his bosses owned that building they can make anyone leave for any reason. Unless they passed that bill about denying someone the right to use your facility or goods (or maybe that was a rumor idk besides the point atm). But please provide proof dont just say Im wrong I understand youve replied a lot to this post but just send me a pm or something. K thanks and have a good'un.
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