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The one thing democrats and republicans in the sand box can agree on

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  • The one thing democrats and republicans in the sand box can agree on

    I am taking a huge leap, but my friends, i feel the one thing we can both agree on is something that makes us laugh, and i am going to go out on a limb here and say that it is Denis Leary's No Cure For Cancer.



    Agree to disagree?

    IMHO It is his best stand up hands down, the topics he covers from beer flavored beer to small little dogs. Hilarious.

    Yes its dated, but that is the one thing I am throwing out here in the sandbox that we can all laugh about together as one big happy tg family.

    Because face it, we all need a little break between all this political talk, and Lewis Black is funny but Denis Leary in this one stand up video directed by the Ted Demme (RIP).
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    Re: The one thing democrats and republicans in the sand box can agree on

    I like his evening talk radio show, which I listen to for about 10 minutes on my drive home. I particularly love his love for the obscure.
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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      Re: The one thing democrats and republicans in the sand box can agree on

      yep - classic!

      I don't do illegal drugs anymore. Now I just do the legal drugs. Tonight I'm on NyQuil and Sudafed. Let me tell you something, folks. Forget about cocaine and heroine. All you need is NyQuil and Sudafed.
      I love the name alone. NyQuil - Capitol N, small Y, big ****ing Q! I love that ****ing Q, don't you!? What a great advertising idea! Put a huge ****ing Q on the box. They'll get high and stare at it. "The Q is talking to me! The Q is talking to me!"
      I love NyQuil, man. Because NyQuil has never changed, man. It's never changed. All the other medicines are doing that inner-child thing. "we know that there's a small child inside of you, so now we have grape and cherry and orange flavor." Not NyQuil! They still have the original green death ****ing flavor! You know why!? Because it doesn't matter what it tastes like! It's so strong you go, "*wheeze* Hey this stuff really tastes like.." Bang! Yer in the coma already!
      We have reached the point where the over the counter drugs are actually stronger than anything you can buy on the street. It says on the back of the NyQuil box, on the back of the box it says, "May cause drowsiness." It should say, "Don't make any ****ing plans! Kiss your family and friends goodbye. Say hello to Klaus!" NyQuil, NyQuil, NyQuil, we love you! You giant ****ing Q!


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        Re: The one thing democrats and republicans in the sand box can agree on

        Very true about NyQuil and Sudafed.

        I have a bottle of morphine pain killers for back pain. But I usually turn to the NyQuil with a Sudafed kicker to really kill the pain. And it works all day, but don't ask me to do anything for the next 16 hours.
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