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in memory of... Ofc. Andrew Widman

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  • in memory of... Ofc. Andrew Widman

    This happened in Ft. Myers, Florida... one town above mine...

    Long story short, a career criminal, gang banger, and illegal alien that was suppose to be deported for excessive felonies a few years ago... was at a night club, got in a argument with his girl out side, police were called and dispatched, as officer Widman pulled up to the incident, the subject told his friends "I'm going out Miami style", Officer Widman walked up to the arguing pair, the subject pulled out a gun and shot him point blank in the face...

    Suspect ran a few blocks, other officers engaged him, as he shot at them, eventually he was killed also.

    About Ofc. Andrew Widman, he was 30 years old, 29 year old wife 3 kids all under 5 years old. He was a missionary, a pastor and youth minister, but when he started raising a family he needed a better paying job but still wanted to help people... so he became a police officer. (he had only been one for 18 months.)

    Whats different about this man, is he truly was what people want and expect there police officers to be...kind, helpful, a cop for the right reasons... actually other officers made joking fun at him for being so polite and courteous to even hardcore criminals, he would stop and help anyone and everyone, rain or shine... he was in this job "to make a difference in peoples lives" as he told his wife.

    This type of officer is the 1% of law enforcement (like the 1% of motorcycle gangs compared to motorcycle riders.)


    I went to the funeral, fifth cop funeral in my 20 plus LEO career, there never easy but are beautiful. (just FYI, the community was so impressed with this officer, that they raised almost 200,000 bucks in 7 days to help his family... that is a extreme record, most cops killed in the line of duty usually get raised about 50k, if that. Bigger towns were cops die more often, usually have no fund raiser... just another day.)
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    Re: in memory of... Ofc. Andrew Widman

    Sorry to hear that. I wish the best for his family.

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      Re: in memory of... Ofc. Andrew Widman

      I'm sorry for the loss of the family and community he served. I hope the goodness of his life can inspire others to walk like he walked.
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        Re: in memory of... Ofc. Andrew Widman

        My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and to the P.D. Its a travesty that this happened, and if there is a charity setup in the name of this Officer please let me know I would be more than happy to try to help out in anyway i could, and I bet many members of this community would as well.
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