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Wierd Huh? game comes to life...

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  • Wierd Huh? game comes to life...

    Did you notice... the war starting with Russia and Georgia... the original Ghost Recon story line coming to life... the year 2008 is the first mission... now it escelates... tell me Tom Clancy didn't have some inside insight into a future conflict...

    GR storyline:

    Eastern Europe, 2008
    The world teeters on the brink of war. Radical ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow - their goal, the reestablishment of the old Soviet empire. Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan - one by onne the nearby independent republics slip back into the Russian orbit. Russian tanks sit in the Caucasus Mountains and the Baltic forests, poised to strike to the south and east. The world hold its breath, and waits.
    For one small group of elite soldiers, the war has already begun: U.S. Special Forces Group 5, First Battalion, D Company. Deployed on peacekeeping duty to the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus, this handful of Green Berets represents the very tip of the spear - the first line of defense. Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike - swiftly, silently, and invisibly.
    They call themselves "The Ghosts"
    Weird huh?
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    Re: Wierd Huh? game comes to life...

    So this is what the reformation of the Russian army lead to... I wonder if this has anything to do with their refusal to acknowledge Kosovo's independence?


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      Re: Wierd Huh? game comes to life...

      Tom Clancy seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this one. Personally, as a child of the Cold War and someone who served in the military during it, I’m still very leery about the Russians. My wife laughs at my tirades about those “damn Russians” anytime they’re in the news, but she’s been kind of quiet lately.

      I’ve actually enjoyed most of the Tom Clancy’s series storylines and wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more hit the six o’clock news. Team Yankee by Harold Coyle, which was adapted into a video game, is another scenario I always thought might come true. Perhaps not an identical situation anymore with the reunification of Germany, but an armor heavy war in Europe is certainly never out of the question.


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        Re: Wierd Huh? game comes to life...

        magnum you hit the nail on the coffin, at first i thought to myself "nah" but then, i even looked up the story line online and remembered playing the game and well....thats some stellar work, maybe its a plug for the new Tom Clancy Game coming out........
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