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DDOS attacks on Georgia preceded war

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  • DDOS attacks on Georgia preceded war

    The NY Times reported this cyberattack carried out on Georgia's government websites prior to the military action seen in the last week. I remembered that Estonia, another small neighboring country, also formerly in the Soviet Bloc, that experienced a DDoS bot attack in 2007 prior to a national day of remembrance honoring those who fought against the Soviet regime. The events were chronicled in the 15.09 issue of Wired magazine.
    It seems fairly evident that Russia has made shutting down internet infrastructure part of it's military/psywar strategy. In a nice counterpoint, Kevin Poulsen points out some of the weaknesses in making botnet attacks into "cybermegeddon" in his blog Threat Level.

    The Times article's author suggests that, at just cents per machine needed to carry out these DDoS attacks, it would seem foolish for any country not to make it part of an offensive. He also notes that the more reliant a country has become on internet communications, the more potential their is for such attacks to have serious consequences, particularly economically. I would surmise that such countries, such as the US, would have a more sophisticated, preemptive security system for preventing the success of such an attack--at least one would hope so.

    Does anyone know if there is any federal oversight regarding large financial corporations, gov't contractors, etc. an d their internet security for bot attacks/hacking? I would think there are guidelines, perhaps requirements for contractors, but oversight? I wonder.

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