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  • I hate politics

    I have always hated politics, but a few things happened recently that really got my ire up.

    In the state election, someone I personally know is running for the state senate position. She has been a state house rep a few times, just running for the 6 year term now that the current guy is retiring.

    Some group who calls themselves somethign like the traditional republican party has gone out against my friend. And they did it by LYING.

    Now I know that some political adds are close to lying. So and so is against education because they voted against this bill. (not telling you about the 2,000 education bills they voted FOR, just the 1 they voted against because it would involve grinding up nuns to make tires for the buses... hmmm that's an odd mental image).

    Anyway, the add said: <candidate> sponsored a bill that would make it illegal to try to get treatment for <diseases/conditions list>.
    The problem: They are talking about a stem cell bill. The candidate tried to make it illegal for fetal stem cell research in Kansas.

    This is not arguing whether that is a good or bad bill. The problem is that they didn't mention stem cells AT ALL. Therefore, but rules of English, they said that she was trying to make it illegal to get ANY/ALL treatments for these diseases and that is a lie. Straight out.

    Additionally, any group that uses traditional and republican in their name should know that the republican party has traditionally been pro-life so being pro fetal stem cell research is not a 'traditional' republican party view - more a recent change (if it has been one).

    Other things opponents have said about my friend.
    1) She is anti-veteran. Both her kids are Iraq Veterans. Like she wants to be against her own kids?
    2) She is anti-education. Because she won't vote for millions to be spent unless the bill says where it comes from. Kansas' constitution requires a balanced budget. Passing a bill for $20 million without saying where it will come from is not a good idea.
    3) She is trying to raise taxes. Uh... she is a very conservative person who keeps trying to lower taxes.

    And she has never once done this sort of thing to her candidates (that I've seen). She just responds and tells what she believes. (probably why she lost in the state house of reps before. She won't lie/embellish against her opponents... well, that and a lot of other things her opponents have done - that's a long story).

    This is just one small window of the politcal view.

    I know we've said it before, but I really hate politics. I just want to take a baseball bat to 95% of politicians. I've had to keep control of myself when someone calls me. I just want to cuss them out, even though I know it is just some volunteer. I've actually got a little stack of the ads sent out so if someone does call me to campaign, I can grab theirs and chew them out.

    I just wish we could have some new rules.
    If you lie, you get slapped. In public.
    You can't do a "she is against education because she voted against bill X" unless you also say she voted for <number> of other education bills.

    eh... I'm just ranting because I'm tired (can't sleep) and oh did I mention

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    Re: I hate politics

    That stinks. I don't know how politicians can get away with approving ads like these. Shouldn't they get sued or something? I have always hated the mudslinging political ads. They've always seemed very untruthful on both sides of the political spectrum. The sad thing is that many dumb people take these ads seriously, and don't do any research to see if they're true before deciding who to vote for. I have seen some retarded Obama smearing ads in the past, and now we're seeing some stupid McCain smearing ones. It makes me disgusted with both.
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      Re: I hate politics

      Democracy sucks. Alas, nothing else seems to be any better as a way to run large organizations. The best mitigation is to reduce the power such organizations have as much as possible, to reduce the damage that democracy (and its alternatives) can do. That was one of the objectives of those writing the US Constitution. Unfortunately, it hasn't done that great of a job of containing Leviathan.
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