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  • Need another name idea

    OK, I am part of a loose association of beer drinking misfits, that hangs out at our pool and we want to make up a banner with some wacky name on it for us.. I'll post up the ideas we've come up with so far - but if any of you have any ideas that'd be cool.

    The age range of the crewe is 32 - 68.. and under the name will be the phrase 'The thin skinned need not apply'

    Like 'The National Association of beer-holic misfits' type stuff.. but shorter?

    Just throwing that out there.. ideas?

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    Re: Need another name idea

    Future Liver Recipients of Bradenton.
    I'll think of something better later. :D


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      Re: Need another name idea

      32-68 eh?

      How bout 3 Generations of Malt, Barley and Hops


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        Re: Need another name idea

        "Live, Drink ... Fark the rest of it!"
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          Re: Need another name idea

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            Re: Need another name idea

            How about:


            The thin skinned need not apply


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              Re: Need another name idea

              Originally posted by xTYBALTx View Post
              What would P9Riot signify?

              So far the finalists in the group ended with are:

              Drunk or Silly, LLC.
              B-52 (there are a lot of nurses in the group and a B-52 is a code fore a Baker acted patient on the loose)

              and we have a foriegn lang entry of 'Paga Mahon' which is supposed to be a rought trans from Gaelic for 'Kiss my A**' I have yet to verify the translation of that though. We were kinda liking 'Paga Mahon, LLC.'

              B-52, LLC. is also pretty good. We are liking the idea of adding an official looking acronym to the name if it seems right.. and LLC is probably the most fun to use (a'hem "Limited Liability")

              So a prelim finalist would be like -

              Paga Mahon, LLC.
              • Shirts Optional
              • Bring Your Own Beer
              • The Thin Skinned Need Not Apply

              Nowhere NEAR closed yet - but we'd like to work up a 48"x20" banner before the local beerfest in a couple of weeks.


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                Re: Need another name idea

                For a few lagers more.

                Swimming in Suds
                Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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