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City Council told to pay attention!

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  • City Council told to pay attention!

    Y'know, I'm a civil servent. That means that you (and I), the taxpayers, pay my salary. I go to work every day trying to do my best to make this country a better place to live. There are lots of things that restrict my ability to do that, but within those restrictions, I sure try to do the best I can. Especially when dealing with the public. If I get a duty call from a concerned citizen or a local agency, I'll do everything I can to help that person and I'll do it as soon as I can!

    What the hell are these councilmen thinking? They're getting paid to sit on their asses and listen to people! Is it really too much to expect them to actually listen before making a decision? One of two things happened here. Either they already had their mind made up (denying the strip club due process), or they were being lazy and disinterested (and should be fired).

    This is disgusting... No wonder people have a bad attitude towards civil servents...
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    Re: City Council told to pay attention!

    Roger Jon Diamond, a lawyer for the Blue Zebra strip club, videotaped the June 13, 2003, public hearing because he believed he would get little attention from the council.

    At the hearing - which also was Hawaiian Shirt Day for the council - one council member paced, deep in a cell phone conversation; three huddled in conversation; another strolled about the room.

    Afterward, the council voted unanimously against extending the Blue Zebra's hours.
    Meanwhile, it was no-shirt night at the Blue Zebra. Ba-zing!


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      Re: City Council told to pay attention!

      my favorite part

      Dennis Zine, a councilman who appeared to be paying attention in the videotape, said he thought the city should appeal.

      "It's impractical for us to sit there like students in a classroom paying attention to the professor," he said.
      Impractical? What a dumbass. It is their job to take both sides of the issue and weigh in. Not paying attention to one side's arguements is failure to give due process. I hope they appeal this and the appeals courts slap them about for this behavior.




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