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You're an Arab Muslim and love America?

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  • You're an Arab Muslim and love America?

    ...Obviously you need counceling.

    FrontPage Magazine has an article by a Kuwaiti Muslim who is attending college in California. An ardent admirer of America, this student, Ahmad al-Qloushi, was told by his American Government professor that he was in need of psychological treatment when he wrote an essay that spoke favorably of the founders:

    "Professor Woolcock didnít grade my essay. Instead he told me to come to see him in his office the following morning. I was surprised the next morning when instead of giving me a grade, Professor Woolcock verbally attacked me and my essay. He told me, ďYour views are irrational.Ē He called me naÔve for believing in the greatness of this country, and told me "America is not God's gift to the world." Then he upped the stakes and said "You need regular psychotherapy." Apparently, if you are an Arab Muslim who loves America you must be deranged. Professor Woolcock went as far as to threaten me by stating that he would visit the Dean of International Admissions (who has the power to take away student visas) to make sure I received regular psychological treatment.
    This scared me. I didnít want to be deported for having written a pro-American essay, so as soon as I left his office I made an appointment with the school psychologist. She let me go with a comment that I donít need regular therapy. As I left her office, I couldnít help thinking that even my Palestinian high school teachers had never tried to silence me or put me in therapy."

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