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  • Nwo

    No I don't mean a New World Order like Illumanati groups controlling the world. Or even that WWF/E wrestling group. I'm talking about some sort of dramatic, world changing event that causes Mad Max, post-apocalyptic world (I've always thought that was a mind boggling concept :p). And really this can be due to anything, near-extinction level cataclysm, zombies, or the current economic crisis causing a complete and utter shut down, which leads to massive wars, leaving a tiny fraction of the population left to resume life. (Not that that could happen ;))

    So my real question to y'all is, how would you fair? Do you have any skills that would make your life in this new world order easier?

    I know that I'm pretty much screwed. I'm out of shape and most of my studies revolve around programming, a pretty useless skill in the NWO. I mean I guess I can help people sort things. :p

    The best I've really got is that I'm a bit of a fiddler and generally mechanically inclined. So might be able to fix/make some wind mills, maybe cobble together a pump, after about of mouth of trying.

    So would anybody else fair better or worse in the NWO?
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    Re: Nwo

    Oh thank god this isn't political.

    I'd survive the thunderdome because I'm tall.


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      Re: Nwo

      I'm a good shot with rifle and bow, some tracking skills and knowledge of outdoor survival-local edible plants, firemaking and the like. I sure wouldn't want to have to sustain myself and family that way though--we'd be VERY hungry.

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        Re: Nwo

        Depends on the catcalysm and the availability of resources. I'm a fairly knowledgeable outdoorsman. I can camp, hunt, climb, and generally survive all using improvised tools and methods.

        I also have a crapton of textbooks on medicine, herbology, physics, mechanics, engineering and about a hundred other subjects. So i'm fairly sure I could build working machinery and be able to utilize back dated technology (i.e. steam) to get things working.

        I also worked for an auto mechanic for 3 years back in high school, so I can fix vehicles.

        But as I said, it all depends on what the cataclysm involves. Different skillsets for different EoTW scenarios.


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          Re: Nwo

          Yes! I love this scenario and ponder on it quite often, actually. I think I'd actually do great in a post-apocalyptic world. I've been through plenty of wilderness survival training and lots of other great skills when I was in Boy Scouts back in the day. Then in the Air Force, since I was aircrew, I went to survival training up in the mountains of Washington near Spokane. I know a bit about raising animals and gardening. I'm one of those people who knows a bit about pretty much everything, so I really feel like could survive almost anything thrown at me. I feel extremely confident that if the world went haywire, I could run off to the mountains or the woods and hide out and live just fine.

          As long as I have my arsenal with me and plenty of ammo to protect myself, an armored car with plenty of gas and good range (preferably with solid rubber tires, armored, and with built in missile launchers), a trusty dog, a hot busty scantily clad babe at my side, and some beef jerky to go, I'll be alllllllllllll right. ;)

          Yeah, I've daydreamed about this scenario WAY too much for my own good. Hehe.
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            Re: Nwo

            I'm not a big hunter, but thanks to boy scouts and my eagle scout badge, I can survive in the wilderness pretty well Building shelters, finding edible plants, etc.

            I have also read the zombie survival guide. So I know how to do that.
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              Re: Nwo

              I'm sure I'll know what to do when the time comes.

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                Re: Nwo

                I'd go around posting troll-rant flyers on everyone's mudhuts. "Mutants are better than man, gasoline is teh evel, and there is indeed dry land 'n stuff."


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                  Re: Nwo

                  You all would die because I would destroy all with my bo staff skills!
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