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  • LA Lap Dancing

    Saw this today. While I have no issues with lap dancers myself ;)

    I did find concern in this...

    The City Council must now decide whether to rescind it, place a referendum on the next citywide ballot in 2005 or add a question to the Democratic presidential primary in March. They have 20 days to decide what to do.
    Is that legal for them to do? By adding it to the Democratic primary, they are not allowing independents and registered Republicans the right to vote on this issue. The only people allowed to vote in a Democratic primary are those that are registered Democrats. If they decide to put in on the Democratic primary, I would expect lawsuits against them.

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    Well, at least a Democrat is more likely to vote liberal on that issue.

    OTOH, Republicans are *supposed* to be against government interference. Of course, that is no longer the case.

    Regardless, as long as they stay out of my strip clubs, I'll stay out of their churches. :twisted:

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      ooooo.....lap dancers.


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        This is just stupid beyond reason. There is no harm in a lap dance, it doesnt kill anybody (well maybe if you have never been touched there before.. or have a weak heart). The really sad part is, no body will fight it. There is not going to be some big demonstration against the law or anything because any guy who comes out and says "this is stupid" is going to be instantly labeled a "pervert".

        You'd think that in this day and age, our politicians would have more to worry about then some poor girl trying to make her way through school.

        Connecticut is trying to do the same thing IIRC..




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