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    This guy reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski:

    Walter: Am I wrong?
    The Dude: No, you're not wrong.
    Walter: Am I wrong?
    The Dude: You're not wrong Walter, you're just an a$$hole.
    Walter: Okay then.

    He's the freedom of speech version of Austin's Leslie Cochran who I've seen doing stretches on a busy downtown corner wearing a pink thong, booty stragegically aimed at a nearby street-corner proselytizer: he certainly has the right to do what he's doing, but it ain't always pretty, and I certainly wouldn't pay to see it.

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    Re: The Defiant Professor

    Another charmer


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      Re: The Defiant Professor

      Nice finds.

      In relation to the first guy, I have heard it said that there is no such thing as a civilian in a democracy. I'm not sure how convinced I am about that but can see some merit in it.

      I don't really see why the hanged soldier is offensive. Surely the homeowneer is saying that the killings of soldiers is wrong and that taxes shouldn't be used to cause more US soldiers to die. Either I don't get it, or the angry neighbours don't.

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        Re: The Defiant Professor

        The Boulder professor is a class A fraud and a scumbag through and through. Besides embarrasing our state and my Alma Mater (like our football program couldn't handle that on their own) he's a complete fake.

        -In an interview with the Denver Post in 1987 he claimed to be a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol, read:badass) and "point man" in a combat infantry unit during Vietnam.

        TRUTH: He was certified as a film projector operator and jeep driver with no combat infantry man's badge or any other training or medals inidicating he ever fired a shot, or took one for that matter. In his resume submitted to CU for his current position he stated his Vietnam experience as "public relations".

        -In the same interview he also claimed to have been trained by the Weather Underground (domestic terrorists) in bomb making.

        TRUTH: Who knows, but in Boulder that's a great Resume builder. No really, it is.

        -He was tried but acquitted for blocking the 1992 Columbus day parade in Denver. Part of his defense was a story which he called his personal "research" claiming that the US Army intentionally killed 120,000 Native Americans by spreading blankets infected with small pox.

        TRUTH: His "research" actually came from another professor in California. This professor never claimed that the small pox was spread intentionally, nor by blankets. The professor that was plagerized also claims the number was more like 30,000 not 120k. Where does he get off blocking someone else's right to free speech (parade) and then claiming that as a defense when his big mouth gets him in trouble.

        -He claims to be Native American.

        TRUTH: This is nearly impossible to prove without doubt, but his credentials were given out by an organization that also gave Bill Clinton, and other pols, Native American Status. The issuing administrator said when Churchill came to him he was a middle america white bread kid who quickly grew his hair out and started wearing a head band once he had is "membership card". He claims to be a Cherokee but the Cherokee nation refuses to accept him.

        -He is a Professor at a large University.

        TRUTH: Well, it is what it is. Someone tell me what "ethnic studies" is please. Is that like Women's Studies? Sounds like a great start to a career at Starbucks. His credentials do not include a doctorate, in fact his degree comes from a diploma mill that didn't have dep't deans and has dubious credentials. No one can find out for sure because it longer exists.

        Well if this guys likes him who am I to talk:
        "I've read a fair amount of his work, and a lot of it is excellent, penetrating and of high scholarly quality," said Noam Chomsky, linguistics professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an anti-war activist.

        Scumbag. He should be fired if not prosecuted for extortion for collecting 100k/yr of my tax money. He can say what he likes, but he's a fraud that should not be a professor at a major University.

        The saga continues:

        Originally posted by lgf
        In April 1983, Churchill went to Libya to meet with Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

        The U.S. government had banned travel to Libya two years earlier, saying Gadhafi supported terrorism. Churchill traveled to Tripoli and Benghazi as a representative of the International Indian Treaty Council and the American Indian Movement. They were seeking recognition from Gadhafi of the U.S. government’s breaking of Indian treaties.
        EDIT 2:
        The fun just won't stop:

        Originally posted by raelions
        Miami, Feb 10, 2005. Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement ( has just given the "Honorary Priest" title to Ward Churchill (University of Colorado professor) for his essay which most of the US is decrying as insensitive or unpatriotic.

        "It's not too late. If the US were to spend only a portion of the time and money it spends for war and apply it toward aopolgies and actions toward reparations, we would become as we once were - a benevolent big brother instead of the big bully everyone hates but fears. And while we're apologizing, send one to Ward Churchill, too."
        Excuse me while I hurl.....
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