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Great video :D (poolitkz)

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  • Great video :D (poolitkz)

    Good stuff, I liked his dissing on both sides :D

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    Re: Great video :D (poolitkz)

    Great video. So true about the celebrities. I do hate how Oprah, George Clooney, and others get on their soap box telling us average Joes to give or live, while they live in a ridiculously lavish world with only the highest of standards.

    On a non-political note about Oprah, it's just how she tells fat women how EASY it is to lose weight using a certain diet. I don't know about the weight part, but of course it'd be a piece of cake to adhere to any type of diet while you have a world famous chef preparing all your meals for you at your house! And then she get's fat. Hahaha.

    Or how after Hurricane Katrina, she went to New Orleans crying and bawling, saying how the govt and people have really let down on the job. She tried making us feel guilty for some reason. People here in San Antonio everywhere were taking in complete strangers into their homes left and right. It was really beautiful. In the meanwhile, I didn't hear about Oprah hosting any families at her mansion, where she could've fed and housed half a neighborhood full of families.
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